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Test Taking

Test and exams are a major part of the grades you earn in most college classes. In some classes, your entire grade can depend on 2-3 exams. Exam preparation and test taking strategies can make a positive impact on your exam outcome. Some common concerns students often have:

  • When should I study for an exam?
  • How effective are my exam preparation methods?
  • How do I get organized to prepare for my exams?
  • How can I do my best when I take the exam

Tips for Earning Better Grades on Your Next Exam

If you want to earn better test grades, these tips will help. Some of the tips in this video cover the days leading up to an exam, while others deal with strategies you can use while you're actually in the testing room.

Exam Preparation Tools

Cramming is ineffective. Planning out your exam study schedule at least five days in advance is highly recommended. A Five Day Study Plan is a helpful way to map out strategies and space your study time instead of cramming. We know that spaced practice in shorter intervals is much more effective way to learn the material. Final exams paper requires some additional planning. Below are temples for a 5-Day Study Plan and Exam Study Schedule.

How to Not Make Stupid Mistakes on Exams

Thomas Frank, aka College Info Geek, provides some a helpful advise that can help DURING the exam.


Need Help Coping with Test Anxiety?

Exams can cause a lot of unnecessary stress, but you can reduce that stress in several ways. Some stress is actually good! In this video, College Info Geek looks at common test anxiety concerns and covers ways to deal with them.