Ohio University

Letter from the Dean

Talking with first-year students about Learning Communities

Welcome to Ohio University and University College where we are dedicated to the success of first-year students. University College's Learning Community program has proven to be very successful in helping students perform well in their courses, adapt more effectively to campus life, make new friends, and build relationships with professors. Because we know Learning Communities are so helpful to students, we have made them a defining feature of our college and all of our first year students join one.

Our University College Learning Communities have these distinctive features:

  • Each learning community consists of approximately 15-20 students who enroll in a common set of courses. One of these courses will be our first year seminar course, UC 1000, The University Experience, which serves as the core course of University College Learning Communities. UC 1000 promotes student engagement in the curricular and co-curricular life of the university, encourages self responsibility, and facilitates exploration of possible majors and careers.
  • We link a wide variety of courses with UC 1000 to create unique learning community course clusters. We carefully select each course to ensure it meets general education and/or graduation requirements and is taught by one of our best faculty members.
  • We integrate academic advising into our Learning Community program through the UC 1000 class by having all of our UC 1000 instructors also serve as the academic advisor for their students. The instructor-student relationship complements and reinforces the advisor-advisee relationship so that the students get the best possible academic advice. Even though the Learning Community experience concludes at the end of Fall Semester, the advising relationship continues throughout the student’s first year.

Please visit the LC website to explore what University College has to offer. In order to best match your interests, please be sure to apply on-line as soon as possible.

I look forward to seeing you at Bobcat Student Orientation. My colleagues and I are committed to helping you succeed at Ohio University, so please feel free to seek our assistance.


Elizabeth Sayrs
Dean and Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education