Connect with Alumni

One of the best ways to network is to connect with alumni. Reach out to alumni who work in industries or companies that interest you through Bobcat Network or LinkedIn. Bobcats are eager to help fellow Bobcats! Alumni may be able to provide mentoring, informational interviews, and job shadowing opportunities.  

Join the Bobcat Network

The Bobcat Network is an online community where alumni, students, faculty, and staff can seek and provide career guidance, connect via events, and learn through an abundance of educational opportunities and resources. 

Join the Bobcat Network

Network with Alumni Bobcats 

There are lots of ways to network with alumni on the Bobcat Network. Using the Connect with a Bobcat tab, you can filter alumni by industry, company, location, college, and more! Find a connection and message them by visiting their profile to connect. 

You can also use LinkedIn’s Ohio University Alumni Tool to review information from more than 170,000 students and alumni. Find out the top employers for your major, geographic area, and more.  

For more information about the Bobcat Network, please contact Dori Branch, Associate Director for Alumni Success and the Bobcat Network, at

Attend an Event with Alumni 

Whether you’re looking to connect with alumni through virtual or in-person events, the Ohio University Alumni Association offers regular career and networking events that are open to students, in addition to alumni. The most up-to-date events list can be found in the Bobcat Network under the events tab.