Alcohol and Other Drugs

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Alcohol and Other Drug Education

This awareness presentation (60 minutes) informs students of ways reduce harm related to alcohol use and other drug use on OHIO’s campus. Topics of discussion will include, understanding the effects of alcohol on the brain and body to help you make informed choices, identifying potential harms from misuse of prescription drugs or opioids, and recognizing when someone may need medical/professional help related to misuse of alcohol or other drugs.

Collegiate Recovery Community

Recovery to inspire, share and empower (R.I.S.E.) is Ohio University’s collegiate recovery community that provides students support and resources for recovery from alcohol and drug misuse or other addictive disorders, as well as students impacted by addiction of someone they know. This community provides a safe, fun, and sober space where students can connect, engage, and thrive. Please contact Alex J. Reed at for more information.

Recovery Allies

Recovery Allies strive to eliminate injustices faced by people in or seeking recovery. Please contact for more information.

Narcan Training

This is a 30-minute overview on recognizing opioid overdose and how to administer naloxone. Health Promotion currently does not distribute kits-but can provide resources for obtaining. For more information, please contact

  • Nalozone Box Locations

    • Alden Library, 2nd Floor, to the right of the Help Desk
    • Baker Center, 4th Floor, to the right of the Conference and Event Services Desk
    • The District (Boyd Dining Hall), near the right swipe-in-kiosk
    • Nelson Court, outside the single-user restroom next to the market
    • Ping Recreation Center, 1st floor near the staircase 
  • Fentanyl Test Strips Distribution Program Locations

    • Office of Health Promotion (Baker Center 339)
    • Student Senate (Baker Center 305)
    • The Multicultural Office (Baker Center 205)
    • Sorority and Fraternity Life (Baker Center 330)
    • Center for Student Engagement and Leadership (Baker Center 355 & 339)