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Disciplinary Suspension is a separation from the university for one or more semesters.

During the period of suspension, a student may not attend classes (either in person or online), or participate in University related activities, whether they occur on or off campus. Students under disciplinary suspension may not be present on University premises unless authorized in writing in advance under conditions approved by the Director of Community Standards and Student Responsibility (CSSR). All assigned educational sanctions must be completed prior to the conclusion of disciplinary suspension or the disciplinary suspension will remain in effect. At the conclusion of their disciplinary suspension, students must petition for re-enrollment. Re-enrollment may be granted, with further probationary status, at the discretion of the director. Students must complete a re- enrollment form through the registrar and be in good academic standing with their college and be otherwise eligible to re-enroll in order to return to the university.

The Suspension Process

Students will be notified via their scheduling letter if they are at risk for suspension. 

The following are examples, but not limited to, reasons a student may be at risk for suspension.

  • Student is currently on probation for a previous violation
  • The reported behavior is similar to a past violation
  • There is a risk of harm to others or property

Students will have the opportunity during their scheduled Community Standards Conferences (CSC) to speak to their hearing officer regarding potential outcomes and sanctions more in-depth. 


Community Standards and Student Responsibility (CSSR) encourages students to review the following prior to their meeting with their assigned hearing officer.

Students who are suspended from Ohio University through the Community Standards Process and wish to return must petition to re-enroll at the University. Students petitioning to re-enroll are expected to speak to what they've learned from the incident, how their behavior has changed, and how they plan to meet the behavioral expectations of the University should they re-enroll.

Students must complete a behavioral and/or substance use assessment and follow all recommendations prior to re-enrolling. Students should review their outcome letter for specific details of their requirements. Petitions must be submitted no sooner than 60 days prior to the semester in which the student wishes to re-enroll. Petitions should be submitted via online form located in the student's outcome letter. 

Only complete petitions will be considered. A complete petition includes:

  • submission of the online form
  • completed Provider Report Form, as well as the completion of any sanctions that were required to be completed prior to re-enrollment
  • completion of any additionally assigned sanctions and tasks

Petitions will be reviewed and students will typically be contacted with a decision within one week of all materials being submitted. 

Please contact Community Standards and Student Responsibility at or by phone at 740-593-2629 with any questions or concerns.

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