Aerial view of The Ridges buildings along the Hockhocking River in Athens, Ohio
Recent Renovations & Investments

The Ridges Recent Renovations and Investments

Ohio University has sought to activate the Ridges area of its campus intentionally and created the Framework Plan in 2015. This extensive process engaged with the local community, identified worthy structures to protect and stabilize, and developed a clear site organization for the overall property. 

The Ridges Advisory Committee

The 117th General Assembly in House Bill 576 outlined designating an advisory committee to advise the Board of Trustees on land uses to be made by Ohio University when the land was transferred to OHIO. This group advised on all master plans.

The Ridges Advisory Committee – a group of both Ohio University and Athens community members — was charged by former University President Roderick J. McDavis to advise on land use. The committee is comprised of members of the city and county government as well as members of the community who have special knowledge or experience in land use planning, preservation, and economic development.

The Ridges Advisory Committee has worked over the past nine-plus years to engage in numerous planning, research and stakeholder engagement activities to help identify the development opportunities that could be available at The Ridges, as well as ensure they equally align with the needs of the larger community.



Since 2015 alone, OHIO has invested more than $28 million into The Ridges, including the recent transformation of the eastern wing of the Kirkbride building into a space that is now home to the Ohio University Police Department and provides offices and collaborative space for various OHIO departments and employees.

Some of the major improvement projects have included:

  • Significant roadway improvements
  • Opening of the OHIO Observatory and launch of the OHIO Museum Complex
  • Replacing outdoor lighting and implementing an exterior sign system
  • Constructing a new Chiller Plant
  • Extensive work (both interior and exterior) on 28+ of the buildings across the area
  • Putting a new roof on 6 different buildings
  • Complete renovation in Buildings 13, 14, 18, 21, 22, and 27

More details about future opportunities can be read in the 2015 Framework Plan [PDF]