An aerial view of The Ridges brick building, surrounded by rolling hills and trees
The Ridges Development Strategy

Ridges Development Strategy

Ohio University has partnered with the Buckeye Hills Regional Council and Community Building Partners to create The Ridges Development Strategy with the goal of continued rehabilitation and preservation of the property, including the incredible historic buildings. The Ridges Development Strategy sets out to move The Ridges Framework Plan, approved in 2015, to implementation and create mixed use space that will benefit the larger community, leveraging an external investment strategy.

The overall vision is for a dynamic campus that compliments the university’s use and has areas for the enjoyment of nature and outdoor education, places to live with a variety of housing types, and a mixed-use center.

With this vision in mind, project partners have worked with the City of Athens to establish a New Community Authority, and stakeholders are pursuing transfer of certain sections of property on The Ridges to the Authority for future rehabilitation and development.



  • Putting actionable pieces in place, based off the Ridges Framework Plan
  • Revitalize The Ridges, preserving the buildings and conserving the land
  • Develop parts of the property to:
    • Create new housing opportunities, including affordable and low-income senior housing
    • Create revenue to reinvest in the land and buildings on the ~700 acres

Plans for Future Ownership of The Ridges Property

Ohio University is currently working with the recently established New Community Authority to seek approval for the transfer of select buildings and land at The Ridges to the Authority for future development. In addition, project partners plan to establish a Conservation Easement that will protect 77% of the land at The Ridges from any future development.

A map of The Ridges depicting historic buildings to be transferred outside Ohio University's ownership

Historic Buildings to be Transferred

Ohio University will retain ownership of select buildings at The Ridges currently in use and will seek to transfer other historic buildings to the New Community Authority for rehabilitation and redevelopment.

A map of the land at The Ridges shows areas that will be transferred outside Ohio University's ownership

Land to be Transferred

In addition, 24.4 acres on The Ridges footprint have been identified for transfer to the New Community Authority for possible new development. The transfer will include deed restrictions to ensure appropriate development.

A map of the land at The Ridges shows the overall area that will be conserved as green space - which is a vast majority of the land

Conservation Easement

The majority of the currently undeveloped land at The Ridges has been identified to be moved into a Conservation Easement to protect the property from future development. This will ensure the protection of The Ridges trail system and cemetery sites. 

Development Strategy Team

The project team consists of planners, designers, engineers, zoning administrators, market analysts and developers. This project is led by Community Building Partners/Buckeye Hills Regional Council with guidance from Ohio University and City of Athens staff.

Buckeye Hills Regional Council
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