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Pay to Print


The Regional Campuses of Ohio University have a Pay-to-Print system to manage printing and the collection of money for printing. Rather than collecting nickels and dimes for each page that you print, you put money onto your Bobcat Cash account (accessible at, and then you swipe your Ohio University ID card to release your print jobs, and the cost of your print job is deducted from your Bobcat Cash account automatically. If you decide that you don't need to print out the paper after all or that the print job is too big, you can cancel the print job, and save moneyYour OHIO ID card serves as your printing card.

Mobile Printing

You can use mobile printing to send many types of documents to the printers. Visit to upload documents directly to your print queue. Mobile printing supports several common file formats, and works best with documents that are of a relatively small file size and where you don’t need to customize the orientation and layout.


Supported Paper Size Black-and-White Price Color Price
8½ x 11 single-sided 3¢ per sheet 25¢ per sheet
8½ x 11 double-sided 5¢ per sheet 50¢ per sheet
11 x 17 6¢ per sheet 50¢ per sheet

Need a refund? Fill out the online Print Refund Request Form.