Ohio University

Large Item pick-ups

Large item pick-ups can include, but aren't limited to:

  • scrap metal
  • wood
  • electronic waste (e-waste), working or broken
  • broken furniture
  • storage room clean-outs
  • athletic equipment
  • and any unsual items; they're usually recyclable too!

In an Online Work Request, be sure to mention if the pick-up is surplus or recyclable. Surplus includes items that are still in sellable quality, furniture, working electronics and equipment, and more miscellaneous items. If you're unsure which it is, give a full description of the items you want to be picked up. 

Filling out an  Online Work Request  is the first step to contacting us for the services we provide. This includes services such as office and building clean-out, organizing recycling and refuse for an event, receiving everyday and desk side containers, and large item pick-ups. 

Feel free to call or email, but filling out an  Online Work Request  is the ONLY way to start receiving services.