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About Campus Recycling

Recycling has set a goal of recycling 80% of the waste generated at Ohio University. We are responsible for maintaining, monitoring, troubleshooting and upgrading the recycling and solid waste at all campus buildings and grounds areas. Within these areas are 4,000 recycling units in residence halls consisting of 16,000 bins; 350 bins in apartments; and recycling containers in all offices and other areas in academic, administrative and support areas.

Recycling and Zero Waste Management coordinate many campus recycling and waste reduction activities throughout the academic year, such as:

  • Annual move-in and move-out days at the residence hall
  • Organize & participate in the annual RecycleMania national competition (OU helped start it!)
  • Give presentations to students, faculty, and staff about campus recycling services
  • Campus event recycling (athletics, conferences, etc.)
What do I do if I live in an apartment complex?

If you are interested in having a serviced drop-off site for food and goods or a manned site(s), Campus Recycling can help you organize this so it can be problem free and reduce waste while helping people in need.

If you are disposing of mattresses there are two companies that can come and recycle these items at the same rate or cheaper than landfilling them.

Can someone pick up my reusable goods and food?

Yes, call any of the following organizations for pickups:
Friends and Neighbors (740) 667-0684
Goodwill (740) 592-4105
Mother Earth Community Thrift Store (740) 249-4143
New-to-You (740) 592-1842
ReStore Habitat for Humanity (740) 589-5865
ReUse Industries (740) 594-5103

What kinds of food and goods are allowed?

About 80% of your stuff is reusable or recyclable. The following is a list of goods that can be donated, but it does not list everything possible.

Please discuss the type of items you plan to donate with the thrift store when you call to schedule a pick up. Each thrift store accepts various items: large furniture, clothing, food items and more. Call as far in advance as possible, thrift stores will be very busy the week before move-out!

Why should I donate my stuff?
  • Help local people in need
  • Reduce messy waste in your neighborhood
  • Save money by not getting charged for disposal fees from your landlord
  • Save natural resources by reusing and recycling
  • Reduce pollution and littering
  • Gain a connection to the greater Athens community by donating to local thrift stores and those in need
What good things happened during MoveOUt 2016?
  • 4 tons of scrap metal
  • 15+ tons of carpet recycled
  • 62.4 tons of mixed stream recycling
  • 20+ tons of household/dorm items donated
  • 4 tons of food donated and distributed throughout the community
Are the move-out services only for students?

No, definitely not. Services are also available to landlords and all residents of the city of Athens. This program is trying to maximize the amount of goods that are collected and redistributed to others within our community. All residents are encouraged to take advantage of move-out collection points and pickups.

What services are available to landlords?

The collection of reusables will reduce the amount of waste on-site in dumpsters. This will save money in waste disposal for landlords and allow for cleaner, more organized move-outs.

Landlords can call the above local nonprofit organizations for pick-ups of items left behind that are still useful. This service is available through the summer and entire year from most of the above organizations.