Ohio University

Move In, Move Out.

Recycle and Donate. Help families in need!

OU is in the middle of the most impoverished region of Ohio. Campus Recycling, Residence Life and Local non-profits make it very easy to help.

Move Out 2016 OU students donated over 20 tons (42,000 lbs) in reusable items and 4 tons (8,000 lbs) of food. In 2017 goal is 30 tons plus 6 tons food.

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On Campus

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Off Campus

On Campus:

Food, Furniture, Carpet, Clothing, Mixed Recycling or Volunteer!

Foodbank:No sealed food ever belongs in the trash.

  • Foodbank locations are in lobbies on East, West, New Dorms and the Front Four, and by back doors on the Back South.
  • Foodbank bags should be given to every student. Any box or bag can be used.
  • If in doubt, donate it. Anything not food-safe will be removed

Furniture :
NO Furniture, even broken, goes in the dumpsters

  • Place all furniture in the outside areas provided. (follow the signs)
  • Furniture includes: futons, couches, chairs, mirrors, lamps, shelves, etc…
  • Most will be donated. Most of the rest is recycled.
  • Even if it can’t be recycled, furniture uses too much room. To avoid overflowing dumpsters Campus Recycling will move it elsewhere.

Carpet :
NO carpet or rugs in the dumpsters regardless of condition.

  • Place all carpet in the outside area provided. (follow the signs)
  • Most will be donated. The rest is recycled

Clothes and shoes:

  • Includes all clothes, bedding, sheets, towels, etc.

Mixed Recycling :
No sorting required but materials should be CLEAN

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Aluminum/Tin cans
  • #1 through 7 plastics

Can all be recycled together in existing recycling areas.

Everything Else:

if it was useful to you it will be useful to someone else in need.

Donations include but are not limited to:

  • shower caddies
  • shampoo and detergent (even opened)
  • school supplies
  • dishes
  • cooking items
  • sports equipment
  • bicycles
  • foam from mattresses
  • curtains
  • electronics
  • computers and accessories
  • posters
  • pictures
  • desk organizers
  • closet organizers
  • hangers
  • art supplies
  • books
  • aquariums
  • coolers

and REMEMBER - if in doubt, DONATE!

Off Campus:

Students living Off-Campus: Community thrift stores have both PICK UP and DROP OFF options for your MoveOUt needs.

Click here for more information on:
Recycling, FAQs, Volunteering


Call ahead at any of the following numbers:

Friends and Neighbors (740) 667-0684

Goodwill (740) 592-4105

New-to-You (740) 592-1842

ReStore Habitat for Humanity (740) 589-5865

ReUse Industries (740) 594-5103

Please discuss the type of items you plan to donate with the thrift store when you call to schedule a pick up. Each thrift store accepts various items: large furniture, clothing, food items and more. Call as far in advance as possible, thrift stores will be very busy the week before move-out!

Large item pick-ups can include, but aren't limited to:

  • scrap metal
  • wood
  • electronic waste (e-waste), working or broken
  • broken furniture
  • storage room clean-outs
  • athletic equipment
  • and any unsual items; they're usually recyclable too!

In an Online Work Request, be sure to mention if the pick-up is surplus or recyclable. Surplus includes items that are still in sellable quality, furniture, working electronics and equipment, and more miscellaneous items. If you're unsure which it is, give a full description of the items you want to be picked up.

Filling out an Online Work Request is the first step to contacting us for the services we provide. This includes services such as office and building clean-out, organizing recycling and refuse for an event, receiving everyday and desk side containers, and large item pick-ups.

Feel free to call or email, but filling out an Online Work Request is the ONLY way to start receiving services.


During move out weekend, community thrift stores will set up locations around town for you to drop off your reusable goods. See the Interactive Map for the closest drop off site for you.

For any leftover, unwanted, and unopened foods can be dropped-off at a local foodbank called Southeast Ohio Foodbank.

Dont Dump, Donate


Donation Drop Off Locations



Don’t forget to put your regular mixed stream recycling on the curb for pickup! **IMPORTANT NOTE: We are NO LONGER accepting Film Plastic as Recycling! Please dispose of them in the trash.

Film plastic, news paper, magazines, paperboard, cans, Glass bottles.


Mandated Community Service Hours: click here

Community Members/Student Volunteers: Click above for Campus Recycling or call any of the following organizations for Move OUt volunteer opportunities:

Friends and Neighbors (740) 667-0684

Goodwill (740) 592-4105

New-to-You (740) 592-1842

ReStore Habitat for Humanity (740) 589-5865

ReUse Industries (740) 594-5103

Athens Move Out Recovery Effort (curbside & dumpster gleaning) (740) 677-4047