Ohio University

Art For Change

Art Workshops

Professor John Sabraw offered art workshops to students and young artists in Malaysia before the lecture to explore innovative interdisciplinary visualizations and solutions utilizing local materials. Workshop activities included the following:

  • Using alternative materials to make paints/paintings/drawings
  • Mapping constituent concerns, visually developing areas of crossover
  • Exploring visionary ideas and schemes crossing disciplines/cultures
  • Giving voice to identity politics - Mediums and modes may include traditional, digital, or performative
A photo for about twenty persons in workshop

Art Exhibition and Charity Donation

At the 10th Distinguished Tun Abdul Razak Lecture, there was an exhibition of the artwork made by participants of art workshops. The guests of the 10th Distinguished Tun Abdul Razak Lecture had an opportunity to purchase the artwork on exhibition. The proceeds went to the National Autism Society of Malaysia.

Five people were hoding a Mock Check