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Institutional Accreditation Committees

Ohio University will use a committee structure to identify evidence, perform gap analysis, and recommend next steps to complete the Assurance Argument, ensuring broad participation across the university. Higher Learning Commission Evidence Collection Committees are organized around Core Components and sub-components primarily related to the following:

The President’s Office and the Board of Trustees

Responsible for subcomponents of Core Components 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2C, 2D, 5A, 5B and 5C pertaining primarily: to guide the institution according to our mission and vision; ensure that the university follows its policies and procedures; is committed to academic freedom and the freedom of expression; and that the university has the resources, structures and processes to fulfill our mission and improve the quality of our educational offerings.


  • Provost’s Office Rep—Cary Frith    
  • Diversity & Inclusion Rep—Salome Nnoromele    
  • Human Resources Rep—Colleen Bendl    
  • BOT Liaison—Dave Moore (co-chair)    
  • UCM Rep—TBD
  • Finance & Administration Rep—John Day    
  • Dean’s Rep—Jackie Ulmer
  • Faculty Senate Chair—Sarah Wyatt    
  • Enrollment Management—Candace Boeninger
  • President’s Office Rep—Carly Leatherwood (co-chair)

The Provost’s Office and Academics

Responsible for subcomponents of Core Components 3A, 3B, 3C, 4A and 5A concerning the rigor and appropriateness of our educational programs, providing a general education program appropriate to our mission and educational offerings, and engaging the University’s internal constituencies in shared governance.


  • Associate Provost for Faculty Development or rep—Katie Hartman (co-chair)
  • UCC Program Review Committee Rep—Barbel Such
  • UCC General Education Rep— Nukhet Sandal
  • UCC Chair or Rep—Todd Eisworth (co-chair
  • Faculty Senate RHE rep—Kim Cirolli RHE At-Large Senator
  • Faculty Senate PRC Committee Rep—Char Miller
  • Grad Council Rep—Beth Quitslund
  • Registrar’s Office Rep—Deb Benton

The Provost’s Office, Administration, Support and Policies

Responsible for subcomponents of Core Components 1C, 3C, 3D and 4C including ensuring that the University provides opportunities for civic engagement in a multicultural and globally connected world, investing in the faculty and staff needed for high quality programs and student services, and continually pursuing educational improvement through goals and strategies to improve student success.


  • Provost Office Rep—Loralyn Taylor (co-chair) 
  • International Studies & Diversity & Inclusion Rep—Patrick Barr-Melej
  • DOSA Representative (informed citizenship)—Imants Jaunarajs
  • Faculty Development Rep—Adam Pergram
  • Human Resources Rep—Nick Wortman and Lewis Mangen
  • University College & Support Services Rep—Kris Kumfer
  • OG+ Rep –Lindsey Rudibaugh    
  • OII Rep—Candi Morris—(co-chair)
  • Faculty Senate EPSA Committee Chair or Rep—Jennie Klein

Research and Ethics

Responsible for subcomponents of Core Components 2E and 3B addressing responsible and ethical conduct in the acquisition, discovery and application of knowledge by its faculty, students and staff and the promotion of student mastery of intellectual inquiry and creative work.


  • Assistant Vice President for Research or Rep—Sue Robb
  • Director, Grant Development & Projects—Rox Male-Brune
  • Libraries Rep—Kelly Broughton (co-chair)
  • Director, Research Compliance—Hillary Snyder
  • Director, Laboratory Animal Resources—Scott Carpenter
  • Community Standards & Student Responsibilities Director—Tyler Tackett
  • Grad Council Rep—Greg Newton (co-chair)

Marketing, Communications and Enrollment

Responsible for subcomponents of Core Components 1A, 1C, 2B and 4A ensuring that the University represents itself accurately and ethically in its communications and marketing, that it fosters a climate of respect among its diverse students, faculty and staff, and that it has the evidence to support any claim the University makes regarding its contributions to the educational experience through research, community engagement, experiential learning and economic development. 


  • Enrollment Management Rep—Katie Troyer
  • UCM Rep—Robin Oliver (co-chair)
  • Diversity and Inclusion rep—Duane Bruce
  • Accessibility Services Rep–Christina Perez
  • RHE Rep--Carissa Anderson
  • Graduate College Rep—Becky Bushey-Miller
  • Senior Director for Enrollment Initiatives or Rep—Rob Callahan (co-chair)
  • UCC ICC Committee Chair or Rep—Sara Hartman
  • Director of the Center for Campus and Community Engagement—Mary Nally

Effectiveness of Teaching and Learning

Responsible for subcomponents of Core Components 4A, 4B and 4C demonstrating that Ohio University is responsible for the quality of our education programs and that we promote continuous improvement by assessing our students’ learning.


  • Senior Director for Institutional Effectiveness—Joni Wadley (co-chair)
  • TLA Rep 1 (Assessment Liaison 1)—Beth Quitslund
  • TLA Rep 2 (Assessment Liaison 2)—Sarah Poggoine
  • TLA Rep 3 (Assessment Liaison 3)—Kathy Spicer, CHSP (co-chair)
  • TLA Rep 4 —Imants Jaunarajs, DOSA
  • TLA Rep 5—Deb McAvoy, Gen Ed Assessment co-chair and Provost Faculty Fellow
  • OG+ Rep—Jenny Klein
  • General Education—Todd Eisworth, chair Gen Ed committee

Federal Compliance Committee

  • Committee membership TBD