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Administration Policy and Procedure

44.113:   Smoking

Status:Approved on March 10, 2009Signatures and dates
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Effective:when approved 
Initiated by:Joe Adams
Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Endorsed by:

The Ohio University
Executive Staff
Kathy Krendl
Executive Vice President and Provost
Approved by:Roderick J. McDavis
Date of Approval
Following Last Full Review:
March 10, 2009  
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  1. Purpose

    This policy provides an Ohio University non-smoking policy in compliance with Ohio Smoking Law, Chapter 3794 of the Ohio Revised Code, effective date December 7, 2006, and with the Ohio Fire Code provisions on Smoking, Section 310.

    Due to the acknowledged hazards arising from exposure to environmental tobacco smoke or secondhand smoke, Ohio University will provide a smoke-free environment for all employees, students, and visitors. This policy covers the smoking of any tobacco or other plant product; it applies to employees, students, and visitors of Ohio University.

  2. Plan

    1. Signs

      "No Smoking" signs or the international "No Smoking" symbol (consisting of a pictorial representation of a burning cigarette enclosed in a red circle with a red bar across it) shall be conspicuously posted at every Ohio University building entrance. Signs shall be of sufficient size to be clearly legible to a person of normal vision throughout the areas they are intended to mark. All signs shall contain the telephone number 1-866-559-OHIO (6446) for reporting violations.

    2. Ashtrays

      All ashtrays and other receptacles used for disposing of smoking materials shall be removed from any area where smoking is prohibited in accordance with the Ohio Smoking Law.

  3. Policies and Procedures

    1. Ohio University prohibits smoking in all Ohio University buildings; on appurtenant rooftops and terraces; in public buildings directly or indirectly under the control of Ohio University; and within 10 feet of University buildings, including windows and ventilation intake openings.

    2. Employees, students, and visitors will be informed of this policy through:

      1. signs posted in university facilities and vehicles,

      2. the policy manual, and

      3. orientation or training.

    3. Visitors will also be informed of this policy by their host.

    4. Ohio University prohibits smoking in university-owned or -rented vehicles. Smoking is prohibited in personal vehicles only when the vehicle is used for business purposes and occupied by one or more nonsmokers.

    5. No person shall discharge, refuse to hire, or in any manner retaliate against an individual for exercising any right, including reporting a violation, or performing any obligation under this policy; see also, Policy and Procedure 03.006, "Whistle-blowing and Retaliation."

    6. No person shall refuse to immediately discontinue smoking in an Ohio University controlled space, adjacent area within 10 feet of an Ohio University building, facility, or outdoor area declared nonsmoking under ORC section 3794.05 when requested to do so by any Ohio University representative or any employee of Ohio University.

    7. Lack of intent to violate a provision of the Ohio Smoking Law, ORC 3794, shall not be a defense to a violation.

    8. Supervisors will discuss the issue of smoking breaks with their staff. Together they will develop effective solutions that do not interfere with the productivity of the staff.

    9. Ohio University may assist employees who wish to quit smoking by facilitating access to recommended smoking cessation programs and materials.

    10. Posted "No Smoking" signs shall not be obscured, removed, defaced, mutilated, or destroyed.

    11. Smoking shall not be permitted, nor shall a person smoke, throw, or deposit any lighted or smoldering substance in any place where "No Smoking" signs are posted.

    12. Lighted matches, cigarettes, cigars, or other burning objects shall not be discarded in such a manner as to risk ignition of other combustible material.

    13. Any violation of this policy will be handled through the standard disciplinary procedure appropriate to the individual's relationship to the university (e.g., Judiciaries for students).

    Additional information is available through the Ohio Department of Health website, starting at http://www.odh.ohio.gov/.

Administrative Policy Manual

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