31.006: Website CMS User Policy




March 4, 2024

Initiated by:

Halie Best | Director of Web and Digital Strategy 

Endorsed by:

Stacey Bennett | General Counsel 

Approved by:

Lori Stewart Gonzalez 

Signatures and dates on archival copy
  1. Purpose

    This policy is intended to clarify the nature of web content management system (CMS) usage, including the creation of content on the ohio.edu website and the responsibilities of users with access to manage content on the web CMS, as well as outline the services provided by university communications and marketing relating to the web CMS. Additionally, this policy strives to outline the conditions under which such services are provided. 

  2. Scope

    The Ohio university website (ohio.edu and its connected and affiliated properties and subdomains) is a strategic tool and the primary location for stakeholders, including prospective students and their influencers, alumni, university community, and industry partners, to find information about university offerings and activities. 

    This service is not available for course materials, personal use as a personal portfolio of work, or a personal website. This service is not available to students or student organizations, as outlined on the website service level agreement. Preconfigured access to levels are assigned on an individual basis within the web CMS. 

    User experience with the website affects the university's perception in the public marketplace and internally. Incorrect information or difficulty finding information can have a negative impact on the university overall enrollment. It is essential that information delivered on and by the Ohio university website tells a cohesive and authentic story that is accurate and upholds a good user experience in web design and functionality, and legal standards in accessibility and information security

  3. Roles

    To meet this objective, university communications and marketing oversees all web design and development, as well as content governance, in partnership with communicators across the university. The office of information technology ensures maintenance and successful performance of the housing and server technology that supports the website.

    1. Role of university communications and marketing

      University communications and marketing's web team works with units requesting new websites or pages, website redesigns, site restructuring, creating strategies and space for new programs, and more. Support includes:

      1. Consulting on information architecture, page design, and user experience. 
      2. Designing and building key landing pages in partnership with stakeholders, including collecting photography and/or videography, and copy writing as necessary. 
      3. Web analytics management and configuration
      4. Training and resources for web CMS users
    2. Web CMS user roles and responsibilities 

      Web CMS websites must be sponsored by a faulty or staff member, and that person agrees to take responsibility for the content of that website. View details of web CMS user roles

  4. Templates and brand standards

    Branded templates provided by UCM must be used for all Ohio university websites on the ohio.edu domain built in the web CMS. The branded template options provide instant identification as an Ohio website, incorporating the correct use of the Ohio university logo and official colors, and includes standardized menu designs, as well as footers with required links and legal content. Use of these templates under one content management system enhances search capabilities across all university sites and supports usability by providing consistent, simplified navigation. Website content created by web CMS users within departments/units must adhere to identification standards as outline in the Ohio brand

  5.  Website accessibility

    Website content must meet accessibility standards in section 508 and web content accessibility guidelines at the level determined by OIT. These standards are part of the web accessibility initiative (WAI), a working group of the world wide web consortium.  

    1. The required fields built into Ohio's web CMS template facilitate the adherence to accessibility standards. 
    2. Proper application, involving content added by individual web editors, remains the responsibility of the department/unit's website sponsor(s). 
  6.  Site review and policy violations 

    1. Ohio university websites should be reviewed by site managers as needed within a minimum period of six months to ensure that outdated information is revised or removed. 
    2. UCM and OIT will utilize site auditing tools and conduct random page audits on a rotating schedule to ensure that all guidelines are being followed. 
    3. UCM reserves the right to remove web CMS access, live publishing rights, and/or page content that violates the website policies as defined. 
  7. Contact information 

    For questions or concerns regarding the use of the web content management system, please contact university communications and marketing. 

  8. Policy review

    This policy will be reviewed periodically and updated as necessary to ensure its relevance and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the most recent version of the policy. 

    By using web CMS, users acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to comply with this policy.