18.007: Appointments for Overseas Assignments




February 1, 1985

Approved by:

Issued by Ronald Barr

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  1. Policy

    The following are policies of this University to cover our commitments to programs abroad and to staff that are chosen for overseas assignments.

    1. Base salary for purpose of overseas assignment is the base University salary for a twelve-month period (or nine months salary adjusted on the basis of 12/9) prorated to the number of months on assignment.

    2. An augmentation to the base salary may be authorized because of the change of duties and responsibilities and to compensate for loss of consulting fees as well as overload teaching opportunities.

    3. An additional salary supplement of up to 15 percent is permitted for a change in duties associated with the position of chief overseas administrator of a project for the University.

    4. Allowances prescribed by the Department of State for hardship posts is permitted for Ohio University staff.

    5. Per diem, transportation and other travel expenses at rates prescribed by the agreement with the sponsor agency are permitted.

    6. Housing allowances, educational allowances and other personal and family allowances are allowable, consistent with the terms of the agreement with the sponsor agency.

    7. Benefits, including vacation time, sick leave, military leave, insurance and retirement, for staff members serving overseas will be calculated on the same basis as those for resident staff.

    8. Inclusion of overseas time toward sabbatical leave eligibility will be determined prior to taking an assignment.

    Persons serving overseas shall have their performance valued in the same manner as on-campus personnel and shall be given the same considerations for salary adjustment, promotion and tenure.