17.990: Undergraduate Teaching Contract




April 21, 1986

Approved by:

Issued by S. Crowl

Signatures and dates on archival copy
  1. Policy

    Undergraduate Students may undertake teaching responsibilities on a part-time basis under the following conditions. The student to be under contract must:

    1. Possess at the time of employment, and maintain a 2.5 grade point average.

    2. Be approved as an undergraduate teaching assistant by the Department in which the assignment is made and by the Dean of that College.

    3. Be approved by the Dean of the University College.

    4. Adjust course loads appropriately with the approval of the Dean of the student's college.

    5. Obtain approval from the Department and the Dean of the student's college should the student wish to engage in additional gainful or responsible duties.

  2. General Conditions

    All undergraduate teaching appointments are made subject to the availability of legislative funds.

    1. The stipend or rate of pay for each assignment will be determined by the Department on the basis of the nature of the work required. Additionally, academic credit may be rewarded if deemed justified and the student is enrolled in an appropriate course.

    2. Records will be kept by the Department of both wages and hours stipulated on each contract.

    Contract forms for Undergraduate Teaching Assistant are available in the University College.