15.009: Use of Instructional Media and Technology Services Equipment




January 30, 2003

Initiated by:

Richard Post | Assistant Dean of Libraries and Director of Instructional Media and Technology Services

Reviewed by:

Herman ("Butch") Hill | Chair, Policy and Procedure Review Committee

Endorsed by:

Julia Zimmerman | Dean of University Libraries

Approved by:

Stephen Kopp | Provost

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  1. Purpose

    To provide policy and procedure for the loan or use of equipment managed by Instructional Media and Technology Services (IMTS).

  2. Policy

    1. Who may use equipment

      IMTS equipment will be made available for use in classroom instruction, curricular-related functions, and conferences conducted by faculty, students, and administrative staff, and by recognized student groups and university-related organizations.

      Equipment will not be loaned for non-university related functions in non-university buildings.

    2. Equipment loan priorities

      Use of equipment is on a first-reserved, first-served basis; first priority for equipment use will be for classroom instruction.

  3. Procedures

    1. Advance notice required

      All requests must be received by 3:00 p.m. of the work day prior to the use date.

    2. Equipment delivery or pickup

      Certain heavy and bulky equipment items can be delivered by IMTS to the place of use for instructional, administrative, and curricular uses. Expensive or high-risk equipment must be picked up at IMTS.

      Recognized student groups registered with the Office of Student Activities must pick up and sign for equipment so that responsibility can be assigned to the students involved in the same way that instructional and administrative groups are responsible. The equipment must be used in university or university-associated buildings. The Ohio University Inn is defined as a university-associated building in terms of equipment usage.

    3. Charges

      There are no charges for use of IMTS equipment if used by University faculty for classroom academic credit instructional use, although IMTS reserves the right to limit quantities.

      Charges will be assessed to workshops, conferences, research contracts, university-related organizations, student groups, and to all users for services which are not intended solely for direct academic credit classroom use.

      A charge schedule for equipment use is available at IMTS.

      Responsibility for lost or damaged equipment is assumed by the organization or individual borrowing it.

    4. Operation

      IMTS equipment is intended to be used directly by the instructor. Training to use the equipment is available by appointment. Requests for direct technical support are not encouraged due to extremely limited staffing. Charges for personnel time or overtime will be assessed should direct technical support be requested and necessary for high-profile events.

    5. Available Equipment

      IMTS manages and supports equipment permanently located or mounted in the majority of centrally-scheduled classrooms. The list of equipped classrooms and their equipment complements can be found at the following websites:

      1. http://www.ohiou.edu/imts/mm_classr.htm

      2. http://www.ohiou.edu/imts/Level1.htm

      Descriptions of portable audio-visual equipment for instructional use can be found at:

      1. http://www.ohiou.edu/imts/equipdis.htm


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Policy and Procedure Review Committee