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Login changes coming to popular Ohio University apps

July 13, 2021 On July 21, several popular Ohio University web applications will require additional login steps to maintain a secure computing environment.

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OHIO Testing Services announces online proctoring fee update

July 12, 2021 With the return of face-to-face instruction for most courses in fall semester, beginning Aug. 23, 2021, online proctoring fees will apply for live proctoring services through Proctortrack. 

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IT Governance approves second group of information security standards, Q&A session to be held

June 25, 2021 The Ohio University Office of Information Technology (OIT)’s Information Security Standing Committee approved a second group of University-wide information security standards in May. 

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Microsoft Teams recordings are moving to OneDrive and what that means for you

June 22, 2021 Beginning July 7, 2021, OHIO users will no longer access their Microsoft Teams recordings using Microsoft Stream. Rather, recordings will be saved, accessed, and shared using Microsoft OneDrive. 

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OIT celebrates Pride Month: Using technology to support the LGBTQ+ community

June 11, 2021 OIT is pleased to celebrate the importance of technology for LGBTQ+ students and share resources with the OHIO community that can help create inclusive and affirming learning environments.

OIT announces upcoming virtual desktop login changes

May 18, 2021 The Office of Information Technology will integrate the virtual desktop (VDI) with single sign-on (SSO) beginning on Wednesday, May 26.

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Join OHIO DAN in celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day

May 11, 2021 May 20, 2021, marks the tenth anniversary for Global Accessibility Awareness Day, an event that promotes digital accessibility and inclusion to individuals with disabilities and impairments.

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New OHIO fonts available for download

May 7, 2021 Ohio University is implementing new fonts to align with the current branding, Forever OHIO, which are now available to download.

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OHIO students have a chance to win $25 by providing feedback on student experience

April 28, 2021 OIT is looking for Bobcats to help shape the future student experience at OHIO by providing feedback on the Digital Transformation Initiative.

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Reminder: New Blackboard course retention standard starts May 1

April 22, 2021 OHIO IT reminds faculty that the new Blackboard course retention standard, which details when courses are archived and deleted, goes into effect beginning May 1.

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Student account security improvements coming this summer

April 19, 2021 Students may need to modify how they access their email and other Office 365 applications such as Microsoft Teams over the summer to align with new security requirements.

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Students gain real-world web development experience through OHIO IT program

April 16, 2021 As a result of Brad Golski’s involvement with the Student Software Engineering Program, he has gained real-world experience with web application development and scored two summer internships.

Faculty and staff invited to provide feedback on survey technologies

April 6, 2021 The OIT Surveys Service, which supports OHIO's technology tools for research, in-class surveys, course evaluations and general information gathering, is conducting a survey tools usage evaluation.

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What employees and students need to know about new OHIO information security standards

April 1, 2021 OHIO has adopted new Information Security Standards that serve to guide the University community on how best to secure the technology that accesses, stores, processes or transmits University data.

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Current limitations for T-Mobile users trying to access OHIO VPN

March 17, 2021 OHIO IT provides an update on access to the OHIO Virtual Private Network.

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