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New HR guidelines support equitable compensation and opportunities for advancement

Ohio University has made several changes to compensation policy and processes during FY24 as the University continues its focus on competitive compensation and support of faculty and staff.

Most recently, University Human Resources (UHR) updated OHIO’s Pay Administration Guidelines for administrative and professional employees to provide more flexibility around starting pay, promotions and compensation adjustments within a pay band.

These changes follow the implementation of salary adjustments resulting from the biennial equity review for administrative staff and the implementation of select recommendations from the Spring 2023 Faculty Compensation Study. As recommended by the task force charged with the study, OHIO made adjustments to promotional increases for faculty beginning Fall 2023, raising those increases by $1,000 over three fiscal years ($334 per year) beginning in FY23. In addition, minimum faculty salaries for each rank were established. Additional recommendations to improve market competitiveness will be considered as the FY25 budget is developed.

Also, as announced in December, Ohio University adjusted its Winter Break Closure policy so that no employee was required to use accrued vacation during the closure.

“Even as we continue the development of our Dynamic Strategy, it is important for us to make some necessary immediate adjustments to improve our employee rewards,” President Lori Stewart Gonzalez said. “Our faculty and staff are our most important resource; they make it possible for us to effectively deliver on our mission.”

Gonzalez said she has tasked her leadership team with exploring all ways to improve efficiency with the goal of continuing to increase competitiveness in employee compensation and benefits. This will include the evaluation of all vacant positions by Division leadership and the redirecting of vacancy savings toward competitive compensation for existing employees where appropriate.

Immediate changes to Ohio’s Pay Administration Guidelines for administrative and professional staff include:

  • New Hire Pay Determination – Hiring managers may offer starting pay up to the midpoint of the pay grade (previously the 25th percentile) if approved by division leadership, considering the candidate’s knowledge, skills and experience and considering departmental equity. Offers above the midpoint will require an exemption request submitted to UHR Compensation.
  • Promotions – With approval by division leadership, hiring managers may offer starting pay up to the midpoint of the pay grade for internal candidates selected through a fully external, competitive search based on the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and experience.
  • In-Range Compensation Adjustments – If an employee assumes significant additional responsibilities that contribute to department goals but do not warrant a reclassification, the department may request consideration of an in-range compensation adjustment, pending budget availability and a range placement analysis by UHR.
  • Referral Bonus Program – Administrative staff who refer a selected candidate for a qualified open position may be eligible for a $1,000 bonus after the selected candidate has completed six months of employment. To learn more about how to submit a referral please see the updated pay administration guidelines.

Employees who are members of AFSCME 3200, AFSCME 1699, Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Police Officers, and FOP Police Lieutenants should refer to the language within their respective collective bargaining agreements for information on compensation.

February 9, 2024
Staff reports