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Acing college: Ohio University Chillicothe student tutors share study tips, expert insights

College life can be both exciting and challenging, especially when it comes to academics. Balancing coursework, deadlines, and other obligations can be daunting. With the right study strategies and expert guidance, students can achieve the results they seek in their classes.

Ohio University Chillicothe students Hannah Balusik and Hayden Henthorn, both middle childhood education majors who serve as math tutors, have some helpful study tips to share with their peers.

Hayden Henthorn

Get organized

One of the keys to academic success in college is staying organized. According to Henthorn, a practical approach is to write down all weekly assignments and due dates. This practice ensures that work is not rushed or completed at the last minute. It helps students manage their time efficiently and reduces the stress associated with looming deadlines. A well-organized schedule allows students to plan study sessions effectively and allocate time to each subject according to its weight and complexity.

Making a calendar laying out all the class assignment deadlines and due dates helps Balusik feel prepared and confident when planning her coursework.

“Turning these assignments in on time without procrastinating helps me get any points that I possibly can without tardy point deductions,” Balusik said.

Maximize learning

Balusik makes the most of each assignment. Rather than looking at assignments as busy work, she makes an effort to gain understanding and knowledge from each assignment.

“This helps me gain a fuller understanding of chapter and section concepts that I can reflect on in tests and even papers later in the class,” said Balusik.

Be prepared

Henthorn suggests creating flashcards with practice problems and working through them multiple times before a test. This technique is especially effective for subjects like mathematics, where problem-solving skills are crucial. Henthorn emphasizes that reviewing the material one last time after practicing problems can solidify your understanding.

Balusik creates a study guide or practice test when she is preparing for a test. She says creating and completing practice tests helps her remember the problems that may be on the test and reduces test anxiety since she feels prepared.

Hannah Balusik

Get help

Balusik encourages students who may be struggling with understanding concepts to ask for help and leverage the resources available at OHIO Chillicothe. Math and writing tutors are available at the Student Success Center inside the Quinn Library. Online academic coaching and peer tutoring in select other subjects are available through Ohio University’s Academic Achievement Center. OHIO Chillicothe will host a pre-finals study night on Dec. 7, and students are invited to join peers and faculty from various programs for a study session.

“If you are ever feeling stressed, use the resources that are provided to help you!” Balusik said. “We want to help students grasp a concept that they are struggling with. We have multiple opportunities during the week for students to come in, even if they just want to sit in our center to work on homework and then ask for help if they get stuck.”

Learning through experience

Tutoring not only aids students in comprehending challenging concepts but also fosters a sense of community on campus. Hayden enjoys building strong relationships with his fellow students through his work as a tutor. Balusik said working as a tutor allows her to meet other students from different majors.

Serving as tutors at OHIO Chillicothe provides valuable experience to student tutors who are preparing for careers in education. Henthorn’s experiences as a tutor have not only enriched his college journey but have also given him valuable insights into the work of educators as he prepares for a teacher career.

“Having hands-on experience helping students work through problems has helped me as a future educator,” Henthorn said.

Balusik finds great satisfaction in helping her peers and believes that this experience will serve her well on her path to becoming an educator. “There is nothing more rewarding than seeing another student understand a concept that they have been struggling with for a while,” Balusik said. “Tutoring has helped me gain hands-on experience with helping students reach their full potential.”

November 2, 2023
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