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Marching 110 Alumni & Other Bands

The Marching 110 isn't the only band around

Jessie Balmert, BSJ ’09 | October 2, 2023


The Full Ensemble

While the Marching 110 is the most visible of Ohio University’s bands, it certainly isn’t the only one. OHIO boasts several concert and athletic bands comprising more than 500 musicians each year, from novices trying out a new instrument to skilled students pursuing advanced music degrees.

Athletic bands include the Marching 110, as well as the Varsity Basketball Band and Alumni Volleyball Band.

Communiversity Band is a band of community members, students and alumni. It performs the “Under the Elms” summer concert series and a holiday concert each year.

Symphonic Bands practice three times a week and requires an audition. The bands, made up exclusively of students (most of whom are music majors), perform a mix of standard and contemporary band repertoire, with about multiple concerts per year.

University Concert Band practices once a week, holds no auditions and includes members of the community or music majors practicing a second instrument. “It’s good to have a place for people to play when they just want to play,” says Dr. William Talley, Director of Bands at OHIO.

Wind Symphony is OHIO’s premier concert band, is composed of the finest wind and percussion performers in the University. The Wind Symphony frequently commissions new works and performed at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., in 1973 and 2008 and in New York City’s Carnegie Hall in February 2017. 

Marching 110 alumni band members play on the Athens bricks uptown during Homecoming parade

The Marching 110 Alumni Band performs during Homecoming 2017. Photo by Rich Joseph Facun

Back in Action

Every homecoming, about 400 members of the most exciting alumni band in the land march down Athens’ brick streets to thrill the crowds, one more time.

Every homecoming, about 400 members of the most exciting alumni band in the land march down Athens’ brick streets to thrill the crowds once more.

The tradition of former 110 members assembling for Homecoming started in 1973 and has continued, largely uninterrupted, ever since. The alumni group became an official organization in 1999, 26 years after that first performance, when OHIO’s Alumni Association Board of Directors approved the official Ohio University Marching Band Society of Alumni and Friends. In fall 2020, the organization was renamed as the Marching 110 Alumni Network.

Homecoming—known  among band members as “Christmas,” because it’s the most wonderful time of the year—is a time for alumni to reconnect with one another, meet the current students and relive their status as campus rock stars.

“It’s an energy that you can’t replicate anywhere else in your life,” says Mike “Ica” Eubanks, who played snare drum from 1996 to 2001 and is the president of the Marching 110 Alumni Network. (Eubanks, BTAS ’21, MED ’23, left OHIO in 2001 and later returned to complete his degrees.) “It’s that one day where you get to do that again for a couple of hours,” he explains. “Man, it’s worth it, to be sore on Sunday.” The

Marching 110 Alumni Network also holds an annual fundraiser in Columbus called “Halfway Home.” The group contributes financially to the band, purchasing senior mugs and helping to defray the cost of gloves, practice uniforms and items for current 110 members.

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