Stories tagged with: Ohio Today - Fall 2023

Milestones & Directors Through the Years

October 2, 2023 A timeline of Marching 110 major events and leaders

Cultivating Excellence

October 2, 2023 Keith and Deborah Wandell’s generous $2.5 million contribution to leadership education at OHIO

The Monument That’s Stood for More than a Century

October 2, 2023 The Soldiers and Sailors monument is an iconic landmark on College Green, but have you ever wondered about the history behind it?

Marching 110 Alumni & Other Bands

October 2, 2023 The Marching 110 isn't the only band around

New Learning Opportunities

October 2, 2023 Three new certificate programs offer a variety of hands-on experiences in Automation, Mechatronics, and Jewish Studies

Terms and Tunes of the 110

October 2, 2023 Learn the Marching 110's special language

The Ryan Room Gets a New Look

October 2, 2023 Those interested in World War II history won’t want to miss the refreshed exhibit on Alden Library’s fifth floor.

OHIO Making Headlines

October 2, 2023 Bobcats make the news—and the OHIO community proud--every day.

What Matters is What's Working

October 2, 2023 OHIO’s new president focuses on the University’s greatest strengths

100 Years of Journalism Education

October 2, 2023 The University’s esteemed journalism program got its start 100 years ago, when English professor Raymond Slutz offered the first OHIO journalism course.

Nurturing Innovation

October 2, 2023 The Ohio University Innovation Center has been incubating startups since 1983

Last Word with Dr. Srdjan Nesic

October 2, 2023 Ohio University’s newest Distinguished Professor discusses what he loves about his field and teaching it to others.

A Century in the Making

October 2, 2023 The Marching 110 has a storied history at OHIO, but its origins go back further than most realize. This year marks the 100th birthday of the University’s marching band.

Contextualizing the Past

October 2, 2023 A nuanced story about the people and dynamics that reshaped this region and determined who would control it

A Healing Touch

October 2, 2023 Dr. Andrew Yuan’s pioneering spirit in physiatry