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Division of Student Affairs and College of Fine Arts join forces to enhance Performing Arts and Concert Series

Ohio University's Division of Student Affairs (DOSA) and the College of Fine Arts (CoFA) have formed a partnership to enrich the Performing Arts and Concert Series at OHIO. This collaboration framework includes the roles, responsibilities, and transitions set between DOSA and CoFA.

The primary goal of this partnership is to elevate the performing arts and concert experiences for students, faculty, staff, and the broader community.

By providing a sustainable home for the dynamic Performing Arts and Concert Series, a community-oriented program of arts and entertainment events, the partnership aims to promote artistic excellence by maximizing the potential of the series and other CoFA initiatives. It also aims to expand pre-professional opportunities for students and develop community outreach programs for local K-12 school districts.

“Bringing more professional arts opportunities and connections to CoFA students will not only enhance successful new programs in the college, such as Arts Administration, but it will also help our campus and community continue to thrive through new synergy around the arts,” said Matthew Shaftel, dean of the College of Fine Arts.

Furthermore, the partnership seeks to leverage the talents of the current staff, increase grant activity, and foster partnerships with other public-facing arts units across the University.

As part of the transition, DOSA staff members Charlene Kopchick, assistant dean of students for Campus Involvement, and Andrew Holzaepfel, senior associate director for Student Activities, who have respectively served DOSA for 36 and 23 years, will transition to CoFA.

“The transition is going to be seamless. If you are viewing from the perspective of an external person, this change will just seem like an expansion of the program,” Kopchick said. “What is most important is continuing our ongoing collaboration between the two entities, enhancing our relationship with the local school districts, and offering a plethora of student-centric programs and experiential learning opportunities."

By leveraging the resources of other programs within CoFA, such as the Athena Cinema, Tantrum Theater, and Athens International Film and Video Festival, the collaboration will amplify the impact of these initiatives.

DOSA will be responsible for managing scheduling, reservations, ticket operations, and front-of-house services at various venues. DOSA will also oversee production services and coordinate with external vendors when necessary.

“The Performing Arts and Concert Series will continue to engage all OHIO students and the larger community. This move will simply enhance and expand those efforts through additional resources and expertise to support these programs,” Holzaepfel said.

This agreement will come into effect on July 1, 2023. By working collaboratively and delineating responsibilities, DOSA and CoFA aim to ensure a successful and sustainable partnership in the arts.

June 27, 2023
Isabella Pennese