Spring Senior Dance Concert features original choreography by 13 students

Published: April 3, 2023 Author: Staff reports

Ohio University School of Dance will present its annual Spring Senior Dance Concert, “However, For Now,” the culminating project for BFA dance majors. This spring, 13 seniors will employ their unique perspectives in newly created choreographic works to be presented on Friday, April 14, and Saturday, April 15, at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. each evening in the Shirley Wimmer Dance Theater located in Putnam Hall at Ohio University.  

The concert features original choreography by Abby Bowman, Emily Bryan, Micaiah Clouse, Ania Fuller, Hannah (Skyler) Grubb, Jordan Jackson, Cristina LaRocca, Nicole Peterman, Lee Peters, Emily Pierce, Emma Prochaska, Maegan Wasaff and Michaela Verrico.

The following are descriptions of each of the students' original pieces:
"A sketch of us," choreographed by Nicole Peterman, is a collaborative piece where seven dancers explore the juxtaposition of drive and suspension while establishing the boundaries of the space as a canvas. The pathways and forms developed stem from improvisational movement scores transcribed into colorful drawings. This work is accompanied by the sound “String Quartet No. 3, (Mishima): VI. Mishima / Closing" by Philip Glass, The Modern String Quintet.   

"Jaded I Lay" is the newest solo work by Jordan Jackson. This piece encompasses a loss of oneself, during, and after an occurrence of a traumatic experience. "Jaded I Lay" was developed in acknowledgement of the processing, grieving and healing journey that is taken by an individual who endures trauma. Furthermore, this solo demonstrates psychological trauma being stored physically in one’s body. The song “Fourth of July '' by Sufjan Stevens supports the notion of a past self “dying” while also exemplifying the constant, yet unsteady concept of acceptance.

"You give me butterflies" navigates the frantic, flittery and full feelings of spontaneous and established connections between humans. Created by Emily Pierce in collaboration with seven dancers, this group work is a continuation of Pierce’s current research that explores what it means to negotiate queer intimacy through artistic practice. Set within three walls of a closet set that physically frame the dancers’ performance space, the work’s material asks about the spatial parameters of intimacy, the leaps of faith often necessary for intimate connections, and the internal/external conflict of trust through a queer lens. "You give me butterflies" is accompanied by “Love” and “Bedroom,” composed by Mica Levi.

"Interpersonal Frequencies," choreographed by Emily Bryan, is a group work that shows one's own individual path, and within each separate path, occasionally they come together. One's path is shown by unfocused eye contact and different facings, in contrast the use of repetition is a way to show the similar experiences by seeing the same movements. "Interpersonal Frequencies" is accompanied by the sound "Girl's Longest Hair" by Craig D’Andrea and “Dancing With Her (2008)” by Ewan Dobson.  

"Filthy R*ch" is a new collaborative piece, led by Emma Prochaska, that emulates and deconstructs the essence of wealth. As Emma positions herself separate from the group, she attempts to be inducted into their social status through an overwhelming display of rhinestones. With additional jewels attached to each dancer’s body, exaggeration pulls movement towards expansion and inwardness. Accompanied by musician Jacaszek, the elegant undertones of the sound creep forward as the entirety of the work progresses.  

"Violet Sunflowers" is a duet choreographed by Lee Peters. With a focus on platonic relationships, the piece explores healthy boundaries and connection through physical distance and touch. This stems from Peters’ reflections on their past and present relationships and exploring what makes a relationship healthy. The piece is accompanied by “Lost” by Liza Anne.  

Have you ever wished you could experience the world one last time through the lens of your childhood self? A time when the world was filled with colorful vibrancy, sweetness, and simplicity? Michaela Verrico’s latest solo titled, "When Simplicity Grows Silent," set to “You Are a Memory” by Message To Bears, represents her battle with a profound desire to experience the simplicity of youthfulness again, when faced with intense stress that is frequently experienced within adulthood. The work includes rich internal-focused movements, comforting gestures, and intense emotional contortions, creating the sense of mourning an unreachable child-like simplicity, while also affirming one’s need for acceptance of the uncontrollable pace of life.  

"a blissful ode" is a solo work choreographed and performed by Abby Bowman. This work draws inspiration through felt experiences during the reflection of one’s personal career. It explores the idea of life falling into place and being right where you are supposed to be. This solo is accompanied by the song “Milestone- Stripped Down” by Joey Kidney and Matt Walden.  

"chrysalis" is a solo work choreographed and performed by Hannah (Skyler) Grubb. The piece navigates the journey of discovering one’s self-identity and the multitudes of emotions that come with it. The evolution of accepting one’s self is portrayed through touching the area’s of the body that seem uncomfortable and floorwork that represents the start of this journey. The piece is accompanied by the song “Revans” by Sora.  

"Thursday’s Child" is a new, explorative solo work choreographed and performed by Cristina LaRocca. This work plays with the musical nuances of the track “The Spirit Form” by Tommy Guerrero while finding moments of soft tension against the strong bassline. LaRocca works throughout the space untangling, stretching and folding with refreshing moments of intensity and quickness.

"into the knowning," a solo work performed and choreographed by Ania Fuller. Inspired by her African American heritage this piece unfolds the diverse identities and becomings of Fuller. Honoring her roots as an African American woman and her personal family history while transforming into who she is now. The calming sounds of water provide a comforting experience as Fuller invites you into her exploration of her relationship between past, present and future.

"spring cleaning" is a new creative work by Maegan Wasaff, in collaboration with dancers, that investigates the characteristics of everyday objects and imaginative forms. Inviting a sense of curiosity, the piece plays with the relationship between reality and imagination. This invitation is extended to the audience with treasures of detail hidden in the movement. The choreographer’s curiosity was driven by the playful doodles of choreographer Remy Charlip, depicting the impossible yet oddly tangible. Accompanied by the exuberant tango flare of the Gotan Project’s, “La del Ruso,” the spatial landscape is familiar and quaint before it is rebuilt into a vast sea of the imaginative.  

"(Bonesandteeth)" is a new work performed and choreographed by Micaiah Clouse. The lyrics, “Yesterday I heard you were gone with all my bones and teeth,” are repeated, calling to a corporeal memory. The movement lives in the rise and fall of tension and release and gives way to melancholic expansion as the dancer strives to find comfort in a new state of being.

Tickets are $14 for general admission and can be purchased online. Admission is free to students with a valid OHIO ID, made possible by Arts for OHIO.

A scheduled dress rehearsal is open to media and photographers on April 13, at 9 a.m., in the Shirley Wimmer Dance Theater, Putnam Hall.