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Wallace appreciates being a part of the Patton College community

Integrated science education senior Gavin Wallace had options when it came to choosing a college.

He decided to email each school’s education departments asking a simple question, “Why should I come to your school?” OHIO not only responded to his question but also invited Wallace to come visit the campus, have lunch, take a tour and meet advisors.

What Wallace saw was a university that took the time to appreciate and welcome him into the OHIO community.  

He thought to himself, “They obviously care about their students. That’s the place I want to go.” 

Hailing from Pickerington, Ohio, Wallace found transitioning to life in Athens was uncomplicated. 

“I love it here,” Wallace said. “I felt like everyone was really welcoming, especially if you are in a residence hall for the first couple of years. Everyone is looking to make friends. OHIO also offers an Involvement Fair that helps you find lots of things to do and people to meet.”

One way Wallace got involved was to join the Patton Student Ambassadors. This organization made up of students representing diverse majors and backgrounds is dedicated to enhancing the college experience for all Patton College of Education students. Their main goal is to assist with admissions events and other activities that engage perspective students. 

“As a way to get closer as a group, we organized a bonfire up at The Ridges,” he said. “That really helped us connect more with each other.”

Wallace is now the president of the Patton Student Ambassadors and plans on continuing a popular event that first took place last April.

“Last year someone in our group mentioned that they missed their prom because of COVID. So, we as a group decided to do a Patton Prom,” Wallace explained. “It was a pretty cool experience and people had a good time. We got a lot more people there than we expected. We plan on doing it again this coming April.”

When asked what advice he would give to incoming students to get the most out of their OHIO experience, Wallace reflected on his own personal experience.

“I think the Athens community is awesome and the people are great,” he said. “When it comes to the campus, 100 percent get engaged! Remember the college experience isn’t just going to class. It’s everything you do while you are here and making the connections with the people around you. They are going to help you out a lot more.”

As for the future, Wallace is on track to complete his degree within three years. This has opened up the possibility of exploring whether he wants to continue his educational journey and pursue a master’s degree or begin his career as a teacher.

January 27, 2023
Douglas Dennis