OHIO's Student Review and Consultation Committee is rebranding to the CARE Team

Published: October 21, 2022 Author: Isabella Pennese

When a student is experiencing a crisis, they tend to raise concern by exhibiting irregular behavior or communication. Whether the student's welfare or the welfare of others in the community is at risk, Ohio University responds with as many resources as possible to provide a safe environment for all students.

If a student's behavior causes concerns, the CARE Team, formerly known as the Student Review and Consultation Committee (SRCC), may intervene as a safeguard for everyone involved.

The CARE Team serves as an advisory and consultative board to support the dean of students and ensure a timely and coordinated response to students whose behavior is concerning or disruptive to others by way of raising alarm, harm to self or others, suicidal ideation, or hospitalization.

Although the committee’s name is changing, the work of the team of professionals who review referrals and provide support remains the same. The change aims to better reflect what the committee does for its general audience, as well as to align more closely with similar programs at other colleges and institutions.

Labeling this action committee as the “CARE Team” is seen quite frequently across the country at different institutions.

“We believe changing from the SRCC to the CARE Team will make it clearer to new faculty and staff to know where to reach out when they are worried about a student’s welfare or want to report problematic or disruptive behaviors,” Dean of Students Kathy Fahl said. “It might also be more accessible to students who are worried about a friend or roommate and want to refer them to supportive services.”

Any individual may submit an expression of concern regarding individual students through the reporting form to the Office of the Dean of Students (DOS).

Staff of the Office of the Dean of Students or another member of the CARE Team will reach out to students to determine what resources, support, or next steps should be taken for the well-being of the student and/or campus community.

To learn more information about the CARE Team, visit here.