Cybersecurity Awareness Month concludes: Ensure your software is up to date

Published: October 23, 2022 Author: Staff reports

As October and Cybersecurity Awareness Month conclude, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) would like to remind all OHIO faculty, staff, and students to keep their software updated on both their personal and University devices. 

Your personal information and data are valuable. As the world grows evermore connected via the internet, cybercriminals have greater opportunities to inappropriately access your data. If your valuable data ends up in the hands of a criminal, the data can be used to cause financial, personal, and legal harm to yourself and others. Fortunately, you have the power to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of cybercrime by ensuring your software and apps remain updated. 

Join OIT in exploring guidance regarding the importance of updating software. Additionally, visit the Secure Workspaces webpage to learn more about securing remote work and learning, keeping your virtual meetings safe, and more.