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Keeping Bobcats Informed, June 22, 2022

Published: June 22, 2022 Author: Staff reports

Bobcat Parents and Families,

We've been enjoying the influx of campus life we saw this month during Bobcat Student Orientation and planning for the fall semester. The Office of the Dean of Students organized lots of exciting activities to make sure that the incoming class got to enjoy those important campus experiences for the first time as an official Bobcat.

At OHIO, we strive to ensure our incoming Bobcats are prepared to enter college and succeed as students, make connections, and develop a sense of belonging. I cannot wait to see all of the new faces on campus this fall!

Warm regards,

Kathy A Fahl, MSW

Dean of Students

Top three bucket items for an Athens summer.

Living in Athens this summer and looking for things to do? Follow @OHIOStudentLife to see our bucket list of all of the best things to do in the area. 

Sneak peak: Some of our fav activities include the campus concert series every Wednesday in June, the local farmers market, and swimming at Dow Lake!

Hype up the best college town

Missing Athens this summer? Thousands of incoming Bobcats and their families have made their way to campus for orientation. Check out their thoughts on joining the Bobcat fam and use #ohiobso to hype Athens Campus and the OHIO way of life. 

Bobcat Well-Being

Achieving well-being involves implementing daily habits that, in turn, lead to you achieving the outcomes (or goals) you desire. Let's say your goal is to feel more physically healthy day-to-day. There are many habits you have to implement in order to achieve this, such as drinking water consistently, getting eight hours of sleep, finding regular opportunities to stretch and move your body — to name a few. But, trying to tackle all those new habits at once can be daunting and you're probably not setting yourself up for success in the long run. Here are a few suggestions to consider when working to establish new habits and routines in your life:

Start small

Ask yourself: "What is one thing I can do in two minutes or less each day?" Don't tackle too much too fast.

Understand yourself

Do you respond better to internal or external motivation? Understanding your tendencies ensures you'll establish incentives that actually work for you. Take the Four Tendencies quiz to find out.

Make it simple

To see the best results, you need to stack the new habit on top of habits you already perform on autopilot. For instance, if the new habit is to drink a glass of water when you first wake up, consider what you do now upon waking up. Maybe you pick up your phone and review social media notifications while lying in bed. No problem! Just make sure there's a full glass of water sitting on the nightstand so you can easily drink it while you're checking Insta. By working your new habits into your preexisting routines you'll see the best results.

Track your progress

Put an X on the calendar for each day you implement the new habit. Or, download a habit tracker and benefit from notifications and the satisfying "Ding!" when you complete the task. Observable progress supports a new perception of yourself, which is ultimately the key to maintaining new habits.

Want extra help?  Work with a well-being coach.

The LGBT Center

Whether you’re looking for resources, a quiet study space, a place to engage in thought-provoking conversation, or want to help with awareness-raising at OHIO, our LGBT Center is the place for you!

Eager to get involved? Navigating the world of gender-inclusive and gender-neutral language is new for many of us, and learning to do so respectfully takes self education. Check out OHIO's pronoun policy and FAQs.

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