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Fine Arts Summer Playlist 2022

Published: June 30, 2022 Author: Daniel King

Fine Arts OH! Summer Playlist 2022

What better way to embrace our collective headlong slide toward the hottest months of the year than with a new summer playlist? A core group of staff from the College of Fine Arts gives their expert perspectives on the best songs and artists to build this memorable, eclectic mix.

These songs for summer are suggested by the Fine Arts student success team of Tonia Dunson-Dillard and Kim Lutz, together with Courtney Kessel in  Experiential Design and our resident arts recruitment expert Jessica Fox. 

Is it the perfect background soundtrack for your July-August adventures? Will it make 2022 trend toward openness and expression? We admit, these songs may not solve what troubles you, but consider this: music can be a perfect excuse to shake out your worries, to lighten up for a moment, to push back against the heat wave, to ponder where you are and where you're headed. We invite you to check it out.

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Our favorite left-handed Student Success Advisor in the College of Fine Arts, Tonia is a certified health education specialist who is also passionate about higher education and student affairs, student success, and most of all, our Fine Arts students! Tonia's song selections form the core of cool in our playlist.

Jack Harlow - First Class
Spin off of Fergie’s original Glamorous with a contemporary hip-hop spin! Listen because it’s catchy! 

Lizzo - About Damn Time
Lizzo is everything self-confidence, the song is a popular tik-tok hit! This one Deserves a listen because it makes you feel good! 

SZA - 20 Something
Perfect for the 20 somethings! Has a nice soft flow – I am sure we can all agree that getting older is no fun.

Daniel Caesar - Please Do Not Lean
I think this song represents the idea of being independent aside from the relationships that we are in – Has a catchy beat, but smooth flow.

Drake - Flight’s Booked
I think this song has a super summery beat that could be played in many different settings! Deserves a listen, well, because it’s Drake. 

A few others for good measure:
Until the End of Time - Jvck James 
First Times - Ed Sheeran 
My Little Love - Adele
I Drink Wine - Adele
World We Created - Giveon  
The Beach - Giveon


Kim  our Student Success Advisor in the college has taught graphic design, worked as a graphic designer, worked as park ranger at Yellowstone National Park, and served as whitewater raft guide (ship captain and adventurer!) in North Carolina. Kim can speak to how the classroom connects to the world in real ways- and she also has impeccable music taste! She shared her list of songs, which add a ripped edge aesthetic to the playlist as a whole.

Social Distortion - Story of My Life
Why? From my college years, and it’s rockin’, and it talks about time going by quickly.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps (They Don’t Love You Like I Do)
I always wanted to be “punk” as a kid (but never really was, except that I loved the Violent Femmes, The Clash and Social Distortion). Another song about lost loves, good times now gone. Remember that “now” will someday be “the good old days.” Enjoy the “now!”

The Clash - Train in Vain
I love this song. It just makes me happy (even if it is about a breakup).

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Someday I Suppose
Ska music makes me happy (this song especially) and I love that they have one guy in the video band whose job is just to dance!

Lou Reed / Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane
Also released when I had barely been on this earth, but is still a sweet song!

Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane
Because I can’t decide which is the better version. Depends on mood.

Water Liars - Let it Breathe
A beautiful love song (and it’s from a recent decade)!

Mandolin Orange - Boots of Spanish Leather (Dylan Cover) (Audiotree Live version)
Why? Possibly a better version than the original. Beautiful harmonies & violin. And they switched up the roles . . . the female is the sailor and the man is pining for his lost love!


Jessica Fox is our newest and already essential addition to the Fine Arts recruitment effort. She is also the owner and proprietor of 4th Avenue Arts, serving as a hub of art activity for the West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio tri-state areas that border the Ohio River. Jessica is a graduate of the School of Dance, an artist, and arts administrator with a driving passion for creating opportunities for future artists. Her current eclectic "Drive to Athens" auto-mix includes all her favorites this summer.

Luca Fogale - Unfolding
Missy Elliott - Slide
Le1f - Wut
Yebba - October Sky
Ruth B. - Slow Fade
Lily Kershaw - New Names
M.I.A - Go Off
Leo Justi & Brazzabelle - Swipe it Off
Chet Falker - Talk is Cheap
Caroline's Spine - Attention Please
Ayla Nereo - Stars
311 - Down
The Civil Wars - Same Old Same Old
Ondara - Saying Goodbye


Courtney Kessel is a mother, artist, academic, and administrator living and working in Athens, Ohio. She exhibits and lectures on her artwork both nationally and internationally. She is thrilled to be working with the Center for Advising, Career and Experiential Learning. If you're looking for interesting, mind and career expanding opportunities to prepare for a professional career in the arts, you may want to pay her a visit. 

Geowulf - Saltwater (Video)
Cannons - Hurricane (Video)
A Tribe Called Quest - We The People.... (Video)
Steel Pulse - Roller Skates (video)