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Students will find billing improvements for digital course materials this summer

Published: April 13, 2022 Author: Staff reports

Beginning this summer, students enrolled in courses with digital course materials will see an improvement to their tuition bills, aimed at reducing confusion and student account holds.

Students will be billed for the course materials at the same time as their tuition and fees, instead of the current process that adds new charges to student accounts after the add/drop date two weeks into the semester, when fewer students are checking their account balances.

For students who drop a course or opt-out of the digital course material on or before the add/drop date, the digital course material charge will automatically be removed from the student’s account within 48 hours of dropping the course. If students drop the course after the add/drop date, they are responsible for paying for the digital course materials.

The Inclusive Access Digital Course Materials program, which provides digital content at a significantly lower price than printed textbooks, ensures students have access to their materials on the first day of class and has collectively saved students more than $4 million since 2018.

The program is part of Ohio University’s Affordable Learning Content initiative—a cross-departmental collaboration between University Libraries, the Office of Instructional Innovation (OII), and the Office of Information Technology (OIT). 

If you have questions about the Inclusive Access Digital Course Materials program, please contact the IT Service Desk. Students who have questions about billing or their student account should contact the Office of the Bursar