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Ohio University convenes Shared Services steering committee

Ohio University President Hugh Sherman recently convened the Shared Services steering committee to inform the implementation of an integrated shared services initiative.

The steering committee includes representatives from across the University who will seek input to design and facilitate the adoption of shared services. This effort results from a Deloitte study that was completed last spring. Deloitte identified an opportunity to improve customer service, while at the same time reduce transaction costs. 

Various shared service models have been adopted across higher education to ensure consistent, simplified, high-quality administrative services in support of the academic mission, including, for example, travel and expense reimbursement, purchase of supplies and equipment, billing, and human resources services. 

“We need to develop a culture that constantly identifies and implements best practices to increase service and reduce costs. This allows us to continue to focus our investments on the University’s academic mission,” Sherman said. “We are making an investment in service, including internal customer service, and providing an opportunity to empower talented staff.”

The initial goal is not to reduce our workforce in these critical areas, but to improve service and simplify processes, thereby freeing capacity within offices and units to focus on the academic mission-driven activities. By streamlining transactional functions, reducing the time and steps required in these areas, and reducing errors, the University can gradually realize savings through natural attrition. 

Ohio University’s development of a shared service model also stems from the work of the academic planning and strategy initiative, which was created by Executive Vice President and Provost Elizabeth Sayrs as an academic planning process to envision the academic future of our University. The Policy, Process, and Practice (PPP) committee identified recommendations to streamline processes and find quality improvements using existing staff resources. 

The result will be a phased adoption of shared services by organizations within the University, leading to an iterative improvement of services and their associated processes. Steering committee members will actively engage with colleagues throughout the process to solicit input and assist with adoption of a shared services model. 

Sylvia Mickunas, who has served as Instructional Design and Program Support Manager in the Office of Instructional Innovation for the past 5 years, was recently named Director of Operational Improvement to support process improvement efforts. A search for the Executive Director of Shared Services will launch soon. 

The Shared Services steering committee is co-chaired by Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer Brad Cohen and Professor of Engineering Technology & Management Zaki Kuruppalil. Members include:

  • Julie Allison, Associate Vice President, Finance 
  • Chris Ament, Chief Information Officer 
  • Candace Boeninger, Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Colleen Bendl, Chief Human Resource Officer 
  • Marion Candrea, Chief Audit Executive 
  • Doug Clowe, Professor, Physics and Astronomy, Chair, Finance and Facilities Faculty Senate Committee 
  • John Day, Associate Provost for Academic Budget and Planning, Interim Chief Budget Officer 
  • Terence Hogan, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs 
  • Rosanna Howard, Director of Operations and Budget for Regional Higher Education
  • John McCarthy, Interim Dean, College of Health Sciences Professions 
  • Laura Myers, Deputy Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, ex officio 
  • Tina Payne, Executive Director of Treasury Operations 
  • Florenz Plassmann, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 
  • Elizabeth Sayrs, Executive Vice President and Provost 
  • Kari Saunier, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, College of Fine Arts 
  • Joseph Shields, Vice President for Research and Creative Activity; Dean, Graduate College 
  • Joseph Trubacz, Interim Vice President of Finance and Administration 

Additional information and updates about this work will be posted online at

There is a feedback forum on that site for users to submit questions or provide feedback about this process.


January 29, 2022
Staff reports