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Ohio University launches Campus Climate Survey

The Ohio University Division of Diversity and Inclusion today launched a campus climate survey as part of its effort to develop action items connected to the University’s Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan.

The survey, which will be available until Nov. 17, takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and will collect robust data about how our students, faculty, and staff experience the climate for diversity and inclusion. The survey is one of the action items of the Strategic Plan as a step toward creating a sense of belonging for all and collecting data to inform decision making and continuous improvement efforts at the University.

“As we move forward with implementing OHIO’s Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan, we are excited to launch the 2021 campus climate survey. The results of the survey will be used to develop data-driven action items over the next few years,” said Dr. Gigi Secuban, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion. “Conducting this survey was just one of the 2021 action items, along with creating a campaign to provide the University community with expectations for engaging across differences; Make Respect Visible rolled out this fall. Action items for the next year will be presented to the University community in April 2022.”

Survey results will be collected anonymously and confidentially. Once you click the link, you will be taken to a non-University platform where the data will be collected and shared back with the University. Your answers will be saved, and you may exit and return at a later time within the survey window and from the same device. However, once you complete the survey, you won’t be able to go back into it and make changes. The data collected will not be connected to a particular email address.

The entire Ohio University community is invited to participate in the survey. Those participating will be entered into a drawing for a variety of prizes, including:

  • 20 OHIO swag packages (including shirts and other items, as well as donations from community merchants);
  • Gift cards for undergraduate students, funded by Student Senate;
  • Gift cards for a graduate student, funded by Graduate Student Senate.

Additionally, a party with cupcakes and Insomnia Cookies will be awarded to the residence halls, academic colleges, regional campus, and administrative areas with the highest percentage of participants.

OHIO has partnered with Viewfinder Campus Climate Surveys to conduct the surveys. Viewfinder’s comprehensive campus climate instruments, which has been validated using Cronbach’s alpha and created by and in consultation with leading DEI experts, will help OHIO benchmark results across other institutions who are participating in the survey.

October 27, 2021
Staff reports