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OhioX University Tech Talk features OHIO professors, industry partners discussing innovation in health care, industry on June 3

Two Ohio University professors and their industry partners will share experiences working together during an OhioX University Tech Talk on Thursday, June 3, at 4 p.m., sponsored by the Ohio Innovation Exchange.

The talk will highlight Ohio University’s innovation ecosystem through the story of OsteoDx and discuss the value of university/industry research partnerships like the one between Ohio University and CONSOL Energy.

This talk is virtual and open to the public.

Guest speakers include:

  • Brian Clark - Executive Director of the Ohio Musculoskeletal and Neurological Institute; the Osteopathic Heritage Foundation Harold E. Clybourne, D.O., Endowed Research Chair, and Professor of Physiology at Ohio University and Chief of Aging Research at OsteoDx
  • Gary Wakeford - CEO at OsteoDx
  • Jason Trembly - Russ Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment at Ohio University
  • Dan Connell - Senior Vice President, Strategy at CONSOL Energy

OhioX is a statewide nonpartisan and nonprofit technology and innovation partnership that powers connections, tells impactful stories, and advocates for growth on behalf of Ohio technology and innovation. Their diverse membership includes leading Fortune 500 companies, growing startups, leading universities and research institutions, and technology-focused businesses.

Brian Clark
Brian Clark

The Ohio Innovation Exchange (OIEx) features a powerful, centralized web portal that makes it easier for businesses and industry to connect with university researchers, shareable equipment, and resources at six major Ohio universities. Ohio University was a founding partner in OIEx.

For over 200 years Ohio University has been delivering on its three core missions of education, research, and supporting the economic development of the state and region. Now the university and its faculty are engaging with businesses and new industries in more diverse ways than ever.

May 26, 2021
Staff reports