OHIO alumna receives recognition through Hearst Audio Competition

Published: March 10, 2021 Author: Jessica Steele

Julie Ciotola, a 2020 graduate of Ohio University's Honors Tutorial College, received recognition as she placed in the top 20 of the annual Hearst Audio Competition through the Hearst Journalism Awards Program. 

The Hearst Journalism Awards Program was created in 1960 to provide support, encouragement and assistance to journalism programs and students at the university level. Winners of the competition receive scholarships as well as grants for the university they are representing. The awarded scholarships are prestigious and require hard work as well as a passion for the field of journalism. 

Ciotola created her entry to the competition, which focused on journalism and trauma, during her time at Ohio University studying journalism in the Honors Tutorial College.

“I interviewed four different journalists about their experiences covering trauma. The series focuses on coverage of a school shooting, the opioid epidemic, sexual assault, and a refugee crisis,” Ciotola said. “All of the journalists I interviewed were brilliant and open with me. I learned so much about reporting as a human practice, and how profound that can be.”

Ciotola is now working as a content strategist and a freelance writer and is ambitiously chasing her career as a proud alumna of Ohio University. 

“I am always thrilled to represent Ohio University, specifically the journalism school. We have so many brilliant professors and fascinating courses. Anytime I can represent Ohio and brag about my professors, I am happy to do so,” Ciotola said.