Since 1967, the Marching 110 has been playing the newest and most popular music of the day.  However, there are just some songs in the Marching 110's repertoire that have become fan favorites, and are still played today.  These tunes are referred to as the "standards," and are played by the Marching 110 each season.

Here you can read about and listen to the "standards" of the Marching 110.

Alma Mater, Ohio

In 1914, Ohio University held a nationwide contest for composers to write an Alma Mater for Ohio University.  In total, 19 entries were submitted.  The winning selection was composed by World War I Veteran and accomplished composer of school songs from Princeton University, Kenneth S. Clarke. For his winning entry, Clarke was paid the sum of $25. Alma Mater, Ohio was rearranged for the "new" look of the marching band in 1967 by John Higgins.

Stand Up and Cheer!

Stand Up and Cheer! was written by George Bowles and became the Ohio University Fight Song in the 1910's.  In 1967, along with the redesigned look and sound of the "Marching Men of Ohio," the Ohio University Marching Band debuted a new arrangement of the school fight song.  Arranged by John Higgins, "Stand Up and Cheer!" now contains an opening fanfare and modulation, which is still used today by the Marching 110.

Ain't Been Good

Ain't Been Good is an original composition by John Higgins that made its debut during the 1968 season. A down and dirty blue's song, Ain't Been Good was one of the first songs the Marching 110 danced as an ensemble to. A routine created by Drum Major David Fowler was taught to the members of the band, who danced for the duration of the song.

Long Train Runnin'

Arguably the most popular selection in the Marching 110's repertoire, Long Train Runnin' was originally played during the 1973 season, and immediately became a crowd favorite. Arranged by Martin Osborne, the Doobie Brothers' hit originally featured the whole band dancing, but today features four members of the tuba section.

Light Up

Featuring the 110 cymbals, Light Up was arranged by Geoffrey Horn in 1980. The Styx song has been the opener for the second half of Varsity Show and Ohio Theatre for many years.


Debuted during the same year as Long Train Runnin', Cheer! continues to be played today by the Marching 110. Arranged in 1973 by William "Buddy" Svarda, the Cheer! drum-break today features three trombones and three trumpets.


Featuring the Marching 110 drumline, these cadences provide the pulse for the band to "funk" its way down the street while it parades to Peden Stadium for every Ohio Bobcats football game.