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Certificate of Insurance

Certificates of insurance provide a summary of the protection offered to the University by its insurance carriers. Such information includes the types of insurance provided, the date that coverage begins and when it ends, policy limits of coverage and whether or not parties outside of the University are protected. They are requested for a variety of reasons by different departments within the University. There are two forms: a conventional certificate of insurance provided by the University’s insurance broker or a memorandum of insurance.

Memorandum of Insurance

Generally, if a memorandum is sufficient for the outside entity, then it should be utilized instead of a certificate. A memorandum of insurance can be printed off of the Risk Management and Insurance webpage.

Certificate of Insurance

If a non-university organization requests to be designated as an additional insured, then a certificate of insurance should be requested. In order for an outside entity to be designated as an additional insured, a copy of the written agreement pertaining to the activity in question must be submitted to Risk Management. The insurance section of the agreement is likely to contain much of this information as well as any request for additional insured status. The requester should inform Risk Management regarding the urgency of the request by mentioning the date of the event. After all of the necessary information is collected, Risk Management will order the certificate. Generally, it takes about one to two business days to complete a certificate request. In order for an outside entity to be designated as an additional insured, there must be a written agreement which includes this requirement. Upon receipt of the requested certificate, Risk Management will email it to the appropriate member of staff. All communications related to certificates should be routed to the Risk Management Office and this office should be copied on all relevant email.