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Certificate of Insurance

Certificates of insurance provide a summary of the protection offered to the University by its insurance carriers. Such information includes the types of insurance provided, the date that coverage begins and when it ends, policy limits of coverage and whether or not parties outside of the University are protected. They are requested for a variety of reasons by different departments within the University. There are two forms: a conventional certificate of insurance provided by the University’s insurance broker or a memorandum of insurance.

Generally, if a memorandum is sufficient for the outside entity, then it should be utilized instead of a certificate. Our current memorandum of insurance from Marsh contains coverages for the Property and Medical Malpractice insurance programs only.  Please see Resources for a link to the memorandum.

Ohio University no longer provides hard copies of certificates of insurance (COI) unless the levels of coverage exceed what is shown on our online COIs on our Risk Management page. Ohio University’s insurance coverages greatly exceed that required by most suppliers/vendors.  Please note in the DOO (Description of Operations) section of our casualty and medical malpractice online COIs it states: “Requesting entity is listed as additional insured (except workers' compensation} where required by written contract entered into prior to loss.”  Any questions should be directed to