Ohio University

Safety and Wellbeing

Our Responsibility

As a Sorority and Fraternity Community, we are committed to taking care of one another; to help keep one another safe. We believe that we have a personal responsibility to make informed decisions about our actions, especially in social settings. As such, we believe it is our collective responsibility to ensure that every member of our community, regardless of affiliation has the knowledge to make these critical decisions in social settings, and that each individual feels empowered to make the right decision for them at that moment in time.

As individuals who are committed to a values-driven experience, we must trust that our individual actions are reflected in all settings. With that in mind, our primary focus in drive by a prevention lens of safety and wellbeing, rather than from a place of management or reduction.

The Sorority & Fraternity Life experience is meant to be safe, positive, and educational. Hazing, unsafe alcohol practices, and sexual violence are contradictory to the values held by our organizations. Through education and awareness, the Sorority and Fraternity community hopes to prevent member chapters from participating in these activities. In addition, Ohio University has a strict zero-tolerance policy towards hazing. For questions or to report incidents of hazing, please contact the Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility at 740-593-2629 or at communitystandarrds@ohio.edu. You can also call the National Hazing Prevention Hotline at 1(888) NOT-HAZE or 1 (888) 668-4293.


The Office of Sorority & Fraternity Life strictly upholds and supports the Ohio University Policy against Hazing. Through proactive education and training for new member educators and all community new members, students should be prepared on the rights and responsibilities as a new member, the role of the member educator, and the purpose and mission of new member education. Those groups with hazing allegations against them will undergo an investigation through the Office of Community Standards and Student Responsibility as all allegations of hazing are taken seriously. Should you be aware of hazing occurring in the sorority and fraternity community or any other club or organization on campus please report them.

Events with Alcohol

We recognize that this is the first time away from home for many students; a time to test boundaries and explore new limits. While our sororities and fraternities are social in nature, it is important to not equate that with the need to rely on alcohol for every event or to over-consume alcohol at the events where it is present. In order to ensure that our community events are safe, the Office of Sorority & Fraternity Life, along with the individual governing councils have adopted some Health and Safety Guidelines.

Campus Resources

Fulfilling the responsibilities of a sorority and a fraternity can be challenging and sometimes exhausting, but always critical to the success of the chapter and its members. With that said, it is important to utilize the resources available to you. We are lucky as a member of the Ohio University Community, to have a number of established departments and programs that will meet the needs of our chapters and members. We encourage you to visit the sites below to learn more about these specific programs and how you can partner.