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What it means to be a suspended sorority or fraternity at Ohio?

A suspended sorority or fraternity is one that has lost all rights and privileges associated with being a recognized student organization at the University. Loss or suspension of recognition means that they cannot participate in any Greek-life activities and are prohibited from participating in any University function as a group, including Homecoming, BobcaThon, and Greek Week. Furthermore, those groups that lose recognition will also lose the ability for sophomores to gain housing exemptions to move into their chapter facilities. For all intents and purposes, a sorority and fraternity does not exist in the Ohio University community when it loses recognition.

List of Suspended Sororities and Fraternities at Ohio University

These sororities and fraternities have had their recognition revoked by Ohio University for various reasons, including such things as hazing, risk management violations, and/or failure to comply with University policies and expectations. These organizations have in almost all cases also had their charter suspended or revoked by their inter/national organization because they were not upholding the values of their organization and were engaging in behaviors that endangered their members and/or other students. In other cases, some groups may still be chartered and continue to operate without the recognition of Ohio.

  • Delta Tau Delta - Disciplinary suspension until June 10, 2025 for hazing violations
  • Sigma Pi - Expelled indefinitely in April 2019 for hazing violations
  • Sigma Chi - Disciplinary suspension until April 15, 2025 for hazing violations
  • Phi Kappa Theta - Disciplinary suspension until August 15, 2022 for hazing violations

Sorority and Fraternity Conduct Status

Ohio University sets standards for its student organizations to ensure they are engaging in responsible behavior that aligns with the Student Code of Conduct. Violations of these rules can subject an individual or organization to sanctions.

While the conduct status of our student organizations is only one piece that should be factored into the membership experience, it is important that all potential new members and their families are able to make an informed decision when choosing to affiliate with one of our 28 social sororities or fraternities.

Below is a list of sororities and fraternities that are currently under review for alleged behavior that may be in violation of the code of conduct. Student organization sanctions are determined on a case-by-case basis. Examples of sanctions may include, but are not limited to reprimand, disciplinary probation, disciplinary suspension, or disciplinary expulsion.

Use this website for a full list of student organizations and their conduct statuses