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2020-2021 Graduate Student Senate

There are currently multiple openings for the 2020-2021 academic year. We have both voting and non-voting positions available. The duties and responsibilities are provided below.


GSS Voting Member Positions:

College Senators

Senators (1 For Each College) represent the interests of the college and its graduate constituencies. Senators serve on 2 internal or external committees, attend committee meetings, and hold at least 3 office hours per week.

PLEASE NOTE: Must be a student of the College applying for. In addition to the GSS application [found below], please contact your College's Dean about serving as the GSS College Senator.  An appointment as Senator is finalized by confirmation from one's own College. 

2020-2021 Senator Positions:

Senator for College of Business  

Senator for College of Fine Arts  

Center for International Studies

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Health Sciences and Professions

Graduate College

Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Patton College of Education

Russ College of Engineering and Technology

Scripps College of Communication

Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service

Department Representatives

Department Representatives are responsible for communicating the needs of graduate/professional students in their academic departments to the General Body, and vice versa. Representatives serve on at least 1 internal or external committee, attend committee meetings, and hold at least 2 office hours per week.

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the GSS application [found below], please contact your Department Chair about serving as the GSS Department Representative. An appointment as Department Representative must be finalized by confirmation from one's own department. 

2020-21 Open Department Representative Positions:

Accountancy  Exercise Physiology   
Art + Design Film  Modern Languages
  Food and Nutrition Molecular and Cellular Biology 
Business Administration Geography  Music
Chemistry and Biochemistry Geological Sciences  Nursing 
Civil Engineering Global Health   
  History  Public Administration 
Communication Sciences and Disorders  Human Consumer Sciences  Recreation and Sport Pedagogy, Recreation Studies
  Individual Interdisciplinary Programs   
Counseling and Higher Education    Social Science 
  Interdisciplinary Arts  Sports Administration 
Educational Studies   Teacher Education 
  Journalism Translational Biomedical Sciences
    Visual Communication
Environmental Studies    

We welcome you to apply for College Senators and Department Representatives by clicking the application survey link below, no experience necessary! 



Commissioners (Special-Interest Group) represent the interests of specific constituencies within the graduate/professional student population and to address specific areas of concern to the graduate student population. Commissioners hold at least 3 office hours per week, and attend meetings of the 2 internal or external committees they serve on. ex: the International Affairs Commissioner might serve on the University International Council and work on issues concerning international graduate student in tandem with other University Senates.  

PLEASE NOTE: Senator and Department Representative positions are invited to serve on commissions as Commissioner for various matters. We currently have the following available.

2020-21 Commissioner Positions:

Commissioner for Graduate Affairs: Housing  

Commissioner for Academic Life: Research  

Commissioner for Veteran and Military Student Affairs 

Commissioner for Online Student Affairs  

Commissioner for Environmental Affairs

Commissioner for Governmental Affairs

Commissioner for International Student Affairs

Commissioner for Women's Affairs

Commissioner for LGBT Affairs

Commissioner for National Graduate Student Affairs

Commissioner for Health and Safety Affairs

Commissioner for Mental Health Affairs

Commissioner for Minority Affairs

We welcome you to apply for Commissioners by clicking the application survey link below, no experience necessary! 


*All voting members of GSS are required to attend bi-weekly general body meetings that last for approximately 1.5 hours each. If unable to attend, there must be proxy to represent you. 

GSS Non-Voting Member Positions:

Appointed Executive Council Support Staff

These positions are based on the needs of the Executive Council and can range from event organizers, to photographers and graphic designers. Appointed positions are finalized by nomination from GSS President. Work hours are based on your schedule and typically run 3-5 hours per week.


The following are possible ways to assist the Executive Council: 

GSS Historian: The historian will be responsible for helping with compiling and archiving historical materials for GSS. 

GSS Photographer: The Photographer will help GSS document and archive events with GSS throughout the year. 

GSS Graphic Designer/ Multimedia Content Creator: This position will be responsible for helping GSS with helping with marketing and social media needs by designing and implementing materials for print and social media platforms. Experience with design software preferred.

GSS Special Project Liaison: The liaison will help the President and Executives complete and advance in special projects of GSS. 

- Other: As our community is exceedingly diverse and talented, if you find that your skills can be used in another way to support the graduate-professional student body at OHIO, please don't hesitate to let us know. 


If you have any questions at all, please contact the GSS Executive Board at gss@ohio.edu.  

*ALL students at Ohio University (Grad-Prof and Undergrad) are invited to apply for appointed positions*


GSS Elections for Exec positions will be held at the beginning of Spring semester for the next academic year; applications will open Week 12 of the previous Fall semester. GSS elections are held at the end of the Spring semester for Senators for the upcoming school year. 

The elected positions of GSS President, Vice President, and Treasurer receive a tuition waiver and stipend. The GSS office is in 305B Baker University Center.

If you have any questions at all, please contact the GSS Executive Officers at gss@ohio.edu


** Office hours: These are times each week that you are available to meet with constituency groups or Executives on GSS initiatives. This can be combined with your TA/GA/RA hours (technically, somewhere you will be every week at the same time). If you have a variable schedule from week-week, it is possible to set up remote hours or by appointment in consultation with the Executives. 


** Internal/External committees: GSS participates as a unique voice to bring perspectives of graduate students to University administrators on University Committees (membership includes other Senates and University officials, ex: Graduate Council or University International Council (see more information, https://www.ohio.edu/standingcommittees/).  Additionally, GSS has internal committees that work on graduate matters. Participation in internal/external committees is an integral part of the shared governance system for the University and GSS.