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Ohio University Graduate Student Department Representatives




African Studies   OPEN  
Arts Administration   OPEN   
Biological Sciences OPEN   
Business Administration    OPEN  
Ceramics OPEN  
Chemistry and Biochemistry   OPEN  
Civil Engineering OPEN  
Coaching Education  OPEN  
College of Health Science Professions   OPEN  
College Student Personnel OPEN  
Communication Sciences and Disorders   OPEN  
Communication Studies   OPEN  
Counseling and Higher Education    OPEN  
Department of Audiology   OPEN  
Economics OPEN  
Educational Studies  OPEN  
English OPEN  
Environmental and Plant Biology   Remington N. Burwell  rb438114@ohio.edu
Exercise Physiology OPEN  
Film Production    OPEN  
Financial Economics OPEN  
Geography OPEN  
Global Health   OPEN  
Higher Education and Student Affairs   OPEN  
Human and Consumer Sciences   OPEN  
Information and Telecommunication Systems    OPEN  
International Development Studies   OPEN  
International Studies OPEN  
Latin American Studies    OPEN  
Law, Justice, and Culture    OPEN  
Linguistics   OPEN  
Mathematics   OPEN  
Mechanical Engineering OPEN  
Molecular and Cellular Biology  OPEN  
Nursing OPEN  
Painting and Drawing OPEN  
Philosophy OPEN  
Physical Therapy   OPEN  
Physics and Astronomy   OPEN  
Political Science OPEN  
Psychology   OPEN  
Public Administration   OPEN  
Public Health    OPEN  
Social Sciences   OPEN  
Sociology   OPEN  
Sociology and Anthropology OPEN  
Social Work OPEN  
Sports Administration   OPEN  
Studio Art and Design OPEN  
Teacher Education OPEN  
Translational Biomedical Sciences   OPEN  

If you are interested in becoming a Department Representative, contact your department chair or email us at gss@ohio.edu.

Note: Not all departments are listed here, please contact us if you want to represent your department at gss@ohio.edu.