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Making Experiential Learning More Affordable

Ohio University wants to put experiential learning within reach for all students. Toward that goal, experiential learning awards and grants are available to support students in pursuing experiential learning opportunities and to support faculty/staff in providing them. Funding opportunities are available on regional campuses and the Athens campus. Broadly speaking, experiential learning includes community engagement, internships, leadership, research/scholarship, creative endeavor, and study abroad/away. These experiences may take place in a course, such as a field study, or they may be offered through co-curricular programs, such as an alternative break trip or a student organization.

Because not all experiences automatically qualify as experiential learning, applicants should read the University’s definition carefully to ensure that the opportunity for which you seek funding is indeed experiential learning. 

Funding is available according to your role at Ohio University:

Student Funding

The Undergraduate Experiential Learning Awards are available to individual undergraduate students. Students may receive up to $2000 during their time at OHIO. 

Student Awards


Student Organization Grants

The Undergraduate Experiential Learning Stewardship Grant is available to undergraduate student organizations to facilitate experiential learning for their membership. 

Student Organization Grants

Faculty & Staff Grants

The Undergraduate Experiential Learning Stewardship Grant is available to faculty and staff serving undergraduate students on any OHIO campus. 

Faculty & Staff Grants