Ohio University

Past Events


Venture Café: Building a Bio-Enterprise with Jon Snyder

On November 2, the Center for Entrepreneurship hosted entrepreneur and OHIO alum Jon Snyder. Jon spoke to students about how he started his bio-enterprise company, Neuros Medical, Inc. Students learned about technology commercialization, fundraising, and the roadblocks Jon faced on the path to fulfilling his dream. 


Make It Work In Fashion: Entrepreneurship in the Fashion Industry

On October 15, the Center for Entrepreneurship and the Retail Merchandising and Fashion Product Development Program hosted fashion entrepreneurs from around the country for a fashion show and panel discussion. These fashion pros shared stories about making their hobbies into a career. Panelists included:


New Music Entrepreneurs: Building A Life & Living in the Music Industry

On March 27, the Center for Entrepreneurship hosted a panel about entrepreneurs in the music industry. The panel was moderated by Ohio Music Production and Recording Industry professor Josh Antonuccio who is also Owner/Producers of 3 Elliott Studio. The panel included:

  • Bobby Booshay - Electronic DJ & Musician
  • April Kulcsar - Artist Management & Tour Manager
  • Tim Peacock - Executive Director, Stuart's Opera House & Producer of the Nelsonville Music Festival
  • Angela Perley - Touring Artist, Lead Singer, The Howlin' Moons

The event attracted 160 students from various colleges across campus. 



From Athens to Silicon Valley (and back)

On February 7, the Center for Entrepreneurship hosted a venture café panel discussion with two Ohio alumni: David Pidwell and Rob Painter. Pidwell and Painter had each just recently been awarded the Konneker Medal for excellence in innovation, invention, commercialization, and entrepreneurship. 



Making It In Real Estate

On November 29, the Center for Entrepreneurship hosted a discussion with John McNellis, founder of McNellis Partners. McNellis is a real estate developer in California and author of "Making It in Real Estate. Starting Out as a Developer." He shared his story with students, and gave advice about how they could break into the real estate industry. 


Kelly Weber: Leading From Your Strengths

On November 14, the Center for Entrepreneurship hosted a workshop with Ohio alumna Kelly Weber. Weber is founder and owner of The Wander Project and co-owner of Found. As part of Global Entrepreneurship, Weber, led students in a workshop on discovering their strengths and use their strengths to lead. 



Business of Games Summit

On September 14, the Center for Entrepreneurship and the Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) Lab hosted the inaugural Business of Games Summit. The all-day event focus on all aspects of rapidly growing game industry with panels, exhibitors, and a case competition. The event had over 700 attendees during the day.



Venture Café: Ryan Watson

On January 18, the Center for Entrepreneurship hosted Ryan Watson. Watson was the co-founder and principal of Upsourced Accounting and now is the head of finance and operations for Ahalogy. While at Upsourced Accounting, he created Sqrl, a tool used for accounting software. There was high demand for this tool, so Watson decided to sell it to other accounting firms. 



The Missing Piece: Doing Business the Donatos Way

On November 7, the Center for Entrepreneurship hosted Jane Grote Abell, Chairwoman of the Board for Donatos Pizza on Women in Entrepreneurship Day. Donatos was originally started by Abell's father, and she has worked in various roles for the company over the past four decades. She helped the company become acquired by McDonalds in 1999, and then bought back the company in 2003. She shared with students her "4C's of Success" and her story of being successful in her career as a female entrepreneur. 


Food Truck Round-Up

On October 11, the Center for Entrepreneurship hosted a panel with owners of four local food trucks and a member of Ohio Catering. The panelist included:

  • Marla Rutter - owner of the Burrito Buggy
  • Nisar and Brenda Shaikh  - owners of Ali Baba
  • Stacy Peters - owner of Petru
  • Evelyn Nagy - owner of Holy Guacamole
  • Elizabeth Dahlen - Assistant Manager of Catering at Ohio University

Each individual shared their success story and gave advice to students about starting your own business and following your dreams. 



Crushing Mediocrity: The Sure Way to Become a World Changer

On November 19, the Center for Entrepreneurship hosted Rene Banglesdorf in celebration of women & global entrepreneurship week. Banglesdorf's company, Charlie Bravo Aviation, in 2009 became the first broker and dealer of an aircraft to be certified as woman-owned. She told her story and how she continues to be a leading voice for women in the business aviation industry. Her talked empowered students, especially women, so strive for excellence in business and life. 


Stev Guyer: Live Performance Innovator

On March 9, the Center for Entrepreneurship hosted Stev Guyer, co-founder of Shadowbox Live, America's largest resident theater company, based in Columbus, Ohio. The company is heavily involved in the community, donating more than $250,000 to the central Ohio youth. 



Entrepreneurship NOW

On April 23, the Center for Entrepreneurship hosted Ohio alumnus, Michael Giuliano, at an open forum for engineering and business students. Giuliano shared his experience in product development and launch of new products. He has directly trained over 35,000 professionals and has authored Lean-Sigma Programs. 

Founders of Reddit and Imgur Visit OU

On February 24, the Center for Entrepreneurship hosted Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of reddit and Ohio Alumnus, Alan Schaff '10, founder of imgur. Ohanian shared his entrepreneurial story of how he became the man that Forbes dubbed, "Mayor of the Internet". He stressed that ideas are great, but action and execution are what make an entrepreneur. 



Cameron Mitchell Visits Ohio University

On November 18, the for Entrepreneurship hosted Cameron Mitchell, one of the nation's premier restaurateurs. When Mitchell was 18, he had a goal to be a restaurant general manager by age 35. At age 30, he started Cameron Mitchell Restaurants (CMR) and opened his first restaurant. Now CMR has grown to 32 restaurants. For Mitchell's determine and drive, he was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young.