Planning Groups

The following groups will support the execution of strategic enrollment management priorities. Their purposes vary including decision-making, submitting recommendations, acting as an advisory group or sharing information with constituents throughout the University. Other groups focused on specific initiatives will be formed as needed.

  • Strategic Enrollment Executive Group: Dedicated convenings of Executive Budget Group to enact decisions related to strategic enrollment management and associated resources.
  • Enrollment Strategy Steering Group: Prepares and advances strategic and resource recommendations with input from other groups. Validates enrollment projections.
  • Strategic Enrollment Advisory Group: Cross-functional group with representation from all divisions and faculty senate. Includes ad hoc working groups.
  • Scholarship Leveraging Group: Supports design and implementation of OHIO’s strategic use of aid to optimize enrollment, generate revenue and achieve desired profile.
  • University Recruitment Council: Modeled after University Academic Advising Council, a University-wide, all-are-welcome group to share recruitment and yield best practices, trends and opportunities for involvement.
  • Enrollment Capacity Steering Group: Group of academic and administrative leaders charged with assessing Athens campus physical capacity constraints and opportunities in relation to enrollment planning scenarios during 2024-25 academic year.
  • Regional Recruitment Council: Cross-functional group of academic and administrative professionals across Enrollment Management and Ohio University’s Regional Higher Education system, convening approximately quarterly to collaborate on strategies designed to drive regional campus enrollment.