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NIOSH Training Project Grants

The NIOSH Training Project Grant at Ohio University consists of two complementary training programs, Occupational Safety (OS), which has been funded since 2012, and Occupational Health Psychology (OHP), which began in 2020.

Since 2012, the OS program has trained students to become successful safety professionals. Housed within the Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) Department, this program has focus areas of aging workers, data analysis, new technologies, and the integration of safety with process improvement. Students earn their MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering with a focus on Occupational Safety and have gone on to successful careers in government and industry.

Building upon the successful OS program, the new OHP PhD training program serves both national and regional training needs while also enhancing the interdisciplinary training provided in the existing OS program to form a hub for Total Worker Health ® training and research. Housed in the Department of Psychology, it builds upon the existing doctoral program and aims to provide a rigorous and focused interdisciplinary curriculum consisting of core courses in OHP, Industrial-Organizational, and Health Psychology, comprehensive quantitative training, and expanded elective coursework in the ISE Department and the Department of Social and Public Health.

Students are traditionally accepted in the spring for starting a program in the fall. Students must be United States Citizens to participate in either program. For information about the programs and/or funding for either the Occupational Safety or Occupational Health Psychology programs, please contact Dr. Ryan Johnson at johnsor4@ohio.edu.