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CAMP research focuses on advanced “high-tech” materials as well as more conventional ones. Projects involve materials processing technology for titanium, nickel-based (super) alloys, polymers, carbon fibers and nano-tubes, composites (both polymer and metal matrix), and other new materials and coatings. CAMP researchers are also involved with developing innovative processes for conventional materials such as steel, copper, and aluminum alloys. CAMP engineers develop novel processing and experimental methods while promoting cost-optimization through analytical modeling of these methods.

Our researchers publish regularly in major peer-reviewed journals, present at national and international conferences, and deliver targeted results to our research partners. They also maintain an impressive list of domestic and international patents to their credit.

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Through our affiliation with the Russ College Department of Mechanical Engineering, CAMP  offers both undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to acquire engineering experience in real-world applications. For more information about current research opportunities, contact us at 740.593.1553.