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Center for Advanced Materials Processing About Image

The Center for Advanced Materials Processing is engaged in new and traditional materials, from metal alloys to bio-based polymers, and the processing and manufacturing methods used to create them. Current research projects support the use of advanced materials in automotive and aerospace applications and in pollution control devices.

The center, through affiliation with the Russ College Department of Mechanical Engineering, capitalizes on the expertise of Russ College faculty and graduate students to support an interdisciplinary research model.

For more information, contact Center Director Frank F. Kraft at 740.597.1478.


The mission of the CAMP involves basic and applied research and development activities related to materials processing, manufacturing, testing, behavior, modeling, and characterization, and providing excellent educational opportunities for engineers to work in these technical areas. Specifically, the mission of the CAMP is to:

  1. Foster and educate the future leaders in materials manufacturing, research and development.
  2. Innovate new manufacturing processes and engineering materials to solve current and future technological problems.
  3. Increase competitiveness of materials/manufacturing industries through applied technology and training.
  4. Provide solutions that allow our sponsors/clients to compete in a global marketplace.


In 1992, Ohio University established the Center for Advanced Materials Processing for the study of interdisciplinary manufacturing applications for both traditional and new, high-technology materials. The center does research in all facets of materials technology, from the raw materials to the finished products.

New materials for the aerospace, automotive, communication, computer, and electronics fields are in constant demand. Industry needs for large-scale processing technology and manufacturing processes to get those materials out to the public require state-of-the-art research into best practices to ensure efficient production and quality products. This research center keeps pace with this demand, offering insight into manufacturing and processing technology to keep industry, and society, moving forward.