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A total of 33 credit hours are required for graduation, including course work and thesis. The course portion of our curriculum is divided into four groups: (A) two life science core courses, (B) two biomedical engineering focus courses, (C) a set of common experience courses that will enhance your professional development and broaden your background in BME, and (D) a set of technical electives in your focus area.

  1. Life Science Core Courses [PDF] (two required from offered courses)
  2. Biomedical Engineering Focus Courses [PDF] (two required from offered courses)
  3. Common Experience Courses [PDF] (three required): BME 5000, BME 5010, and ET 6020 (four credits total) Although you’ll receive credit for seminar (BME 6000), these credits will not count toward graduation and this course must be taken at every offering.
  4. Electives: additional four hours of electives. In consultation with your thesis committee, you will choose elective courses from any approved graduate-level engineering or life sciences elective. BME Focus courses not used to meet the Focus Area requirement can be used to fulfill the electives requirement.
  5. Research and Thesis: Research will be an integral component of your graduate program, including at least 14 credit hours of thesis (BME 6950). Your research work will culminate in a master's thesis that will be a required formal written document, which you’ll be required to successfully defend.