4 + 1 Option

Man and woman in lab

If you’re a Russ College undergraduate student, you have the exclusive opportunity to pursue our biomedical engineering 4+1 option, where you’ll complete an engineering bachelor’s degree and the biomedical engineering master’s degree in a total of five years. Get the same world-class educational and research experience in less time, so you can begin creating for good and improving health care sooner.

To join the 4+1 option, your first step is to apply to become an undergraduate affiliate [Word] of the biomedical engineering program. Apply to become a program affiliate as soon as you’re eligible, which is when you attain sophomore status. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required. You may also be an affiliate of the program without pursuing the 4+1 option. When pursuing the 4+1 option, you must complete the same requirements for the biomedical engineering M.S. degree that apply to the traditional path to the M.S. degree.

Affiliates are provided:

  • a mentor who does research in biomedical engineering
  • the opportunity to participate in 2 BME activities per year
  • connection to the broader Ohio University biomedical engineering community
  • the possibility of doing research in biomedical engineering
  • guidance on how to pursue the 4+1 option
  • the opportunity as an undergraduate to take graduate-level courses for graduate credit, contingent upon meeting eligibility requirements (e.g., minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2)

Return your completed affiliate application via e-mail to the address listed on the formFor more information, contact biomed@ohio.edu.