Center for Student Engagement and Leadership

Ohio University
355 & 339 Baker University Center
Athens, Ohio 45701




The Center for Student Engagement & Leadership (CSEL) strives to provide a structure and guidance for students to join together for a common purpose. Individually, student organizations provide a platform for students to develop leadership and organizational skills. Collectively, student organizations enrich campus life by enhancing the cultural, social and intellectual life of the University. 

In granting recognition to student organizations, the University and Center for Student Engagement & Leadership hope to provide support to students aiming to pursue their various interests, talents and strengths that are separate from formal curricular experiences.


The Center for Student Engagement & Leadership’s mission is to provide meaningful, high-quality out-of-class opportunities through programs and experiences that foster:

  • practical application of classroom learning,
  • the development of healthy lifestyles including low-risk choices,
  • participation in student organizations
  • involvement and service in Athens and the greater community